Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fluff Fest- Cloth Diaper Mama, Annie

Meet Annie, another cloth diaper mama from Kansas....

Name: Annie Shultz

Children: Lizzie (4 yrs) David (2 yrs) Lucy (7m)

Occupation: SAHM/blogger

How long have you been cloth diapering? 3 years

How did you get started cloth diapering? A good friend of mine had thirsties and I saw first hand how cute and easy they were. I was attracted to the cute factor and the money savings.

What is your best cloth diaper
advice? Keep it fun! If you are going to be washing poop and dealing with stinkies, you might as well enjoy it, so splurge on a few fun diapers to keep the joy in the job.

What is your favorite diaper brand and style? It's a tie between Best Bottoms and AppleCheeks. I prefer the All in Two style because you can reuse the cover and they are the easiest to put together.

What is in your diaper stash?
Best Bottoms, AppleCheeks, Happy Heinys, Softbums, Nifty Nappy, GoodMamas, Kissaluvs AIO, Kawaii, FuzziBunz

Tell us your funniest cloth diaper moment:
I had an extra Thirsties diaper cover in my diaper bag that I forgot about and I packed some FuzziBunz dipes for church. When I came to pick up Lizzie from the nursery the kind workers had put the cover over the FuzziBunz, not knowing the FB was a waterproof pocket dipe!

Is your husband supportive of your choice to cloth diaper?
Yes, he is 100% on board. Not so happy about how much money I spend on the fun diapers, but totally loves that I cloth diaper our babies.

What type of comments do you receive from friends/family/strangers about your cloth diapering decision?
Most people are shocked that I touch poop! But when they see how cute they are and how much money they save, they are on my side.

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I am a stay at home mom to 3 very young children. I am a life-long Kansas girl that loves to travel. I have always loved to write and adore the social interaction that comes with blogging.


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