Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fluff Fest- Cloth Diaper Mama, Tara

Meet Tara, a cloth diaper mama who loves to sew fluff....

Name: Tara dukaczewicz

Children: Eli(4.5) Sam (15 months)

Occupation: SAHM/WAHM

How long have you been cloth diapering? 13 months

How did you get started cloth diapering? My sister and SIL were both so openly delighted with their cloth diapers that I became intrigued and then hooked!

What is your best cloth diaper
advice? Have fun with it, try many kinds, pick one that appeal aesthetically.

What is your favorite diaper brand and style? Guerilla Fluff fitted diapers with wool covers. She had the cutest prints!

What is in your diaper stash? Lots of fitteds, and pockets. I adore prefolds and flats. Some AIO's and lot's of homemade ones. Too many brands to name though.

Tell us your funniest cloth diaper moment: My baby has recently learned to remove his velcro diapers and streak naked around the house. I forgot to mention this to his Nana and the minute he pooped he ripped his diaper off and ran naked and covered in poop all over her house. Thank goodness she is a seasoned grandma and took it in stride!

Is your husband supportive of your choice to cloth diaper? Yes, he loves to add up how much we are saving each year.

What type of comments do you receive from friends/family/strangers about your cloth diapering decision? Most people are fascinated and admire my boy's adorable butt.

Tell us a bit about yourself! I am an artist, fabric dye-er, and seamstress. I recently opened my cloth diaper boutique online and am slowly building up my business. I make wipes, diapers, nursing pads, baby blankets, nursing pillows, and quilts. I love thunderstorms, playing the violin, and my favorite colors are green and orange.

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