Monday, August 22, 2011

Fluff Fest- Diapering for Next to Nothing!

What is one of the most used reasons for using cloth diapers? Money. Many families look into cloth diapering because they need to save every penny. What happens if you can't afford the upfront cost of modern cloth diapering and don't want to use disposables for the long term costs? I have some possibilities for you to consider.

There are two main options for buying your diapers that people do still use. You could buy prefolds and you could buy flats. Flats are fairly cheap and prefolds are a little more money than flats, but both work wonderfully. Then you will have covers that you will need as well. These are cheap options, but what if you need to go even cheaper?I offer an option that could cost you only the price of a few good one size covers and some gas money (and snappis if you want any).

What are some good one size covers you ask that are a decent price? If you look at cloth diaper stores online, you may find some covers for $8-$12 a piece. These are all great covers, but they can get costly. If you go to a little known online storefront called you can find one size diaper covers that work fantastically for only $3-$4 a piece. These covers work just as well as the more costly covers and are so much cheaper.

Now that you have covers, you need something to put inside them for the baby to pee and poo into. This is another part of the puzzle that can get expensive if you let it. If you don't want to spend that much money, how about spending no money. How can you do that?!


Easy, do you have any old t-shirts around that you don't really wear anymore? Know family that has shirts around or even receiving blankets that aren't being used?


Turning a receiving blanket into a diaper is easy, it is a flat diaper already! There are many different ways to fold a flat diaper to put it on your baby. One of the easiest is using the pad fold to make it a lot like a prefold in the cover. I also had good results using the origami fold on my 2-5 month old little girl. While many people would suggest using a snappi with the origami fold, I have found that I was able to secure it just fine using the cover and making sure it was tight enough on my babe.
Now, how do I use a t-shirt as a diaper without cutting and sewing?
That is a simple question to answer as well. Folding. I have a more drawn out tutorial of shirt folding on my blog, but I will give you the quick low down in this post.

Folded in 1/3s and sleeves down

It can be very simple for sure. First lay out your shirt keeping the bulk of the design face down. Fold the shirt into thirds (the sleeves will be your wings that wrap the baby). Fold the sleeve section in half (top down). Lay babe on the shirt and bring the bottom of the shirt between babe's legs, folding down the excess as needed in your rise. Then I just wrap the wings around, then secure it with the cover (or a snappi if preferred).

folded as if on baby and wings coming around

You would be amazed at how absorbent shirts can be. They also dry out pretty fast when hung to dry. If you don't have enough shirts for a full stash, you can start asking around. I used my local freecycle group to asked if anyone had old shirts they didn't want, and now I have enough shirts for dozens of stashes.

While someone can shell out quite a bit of money for a designer cloth diaper stash, it is not necessary. In fact, using these tips, you could cloth diaper your baby for little more than the cost of covers and the occasional snappi if you choose to get them. If you get creative, you can cloth diaper your baby and have a real conversation starter. If you want even more tips and tricks, stay tuned in to Fluff Fest or feel free to check out my blog as well or even contact me to have some great fluffy chat.

About the Blogger: My name is Lyn and I can be found over at my blog, Lynifer's Blog. I am a stay-at-home mom and have two kids, 3 years and 6 months. I started using cloth diapers when my oldest was 18 months. Now I am becoming more and more of a crunchy mama using cloth more in my life. I love to chat about saving money in almost any form that may take. I am a huge advocate of cloth as well as frugal living in general. Head on over to my blog to see my chronicle of frugal living from a Christian point of view.
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