Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fluff Fest- Last Day!

Today was the last day of Fluff Fest. I hope you have enjoyed the information, reviews, and contests we have had this past month. It has been fun for my contributors and I to put this on for you all. Cloth diapers are something I am passionate about and I am always happy to spread the word about them to the world!

We would love to hear your feedback on this event. What was your favorite part? What could we have done better? Your comments help us know how to improve and encourage us all to continue what we are doing. :-)

Thanks for joining in and don't forget to enter all the cloth diaper giveaways! A lot of them do not end until mid-September.


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zookeeper said...

I really enjoyed the Fluff Fest. I liked reading your reviews and thought you had posted some really good pics.
What could you have done better??? You could have sent me one of those tie-dyed diapers featured on your button! LOL Too Cute! Every time I see the button I'm wishing I had one of those diapers.

Texas Momma said...

Ditto to the previous comment, I love seeing diapers on real babies and hearing a mama's thoughts after using them. It's so helpful for us newbies. My only suggestion would be to use Rafflecopter for your giveaways, but that's just because I'm lazy sometimes lol!

HappilyDomestic said...

Zookeeper- Thank you! Well, most of the babies featured in Fluff Fest were my contributor's baby boys. Although, my boys were featured in Snap-Ez, ecomom, and Red Barn Cloth Diapers. Also that is my little guy on the button. :-) And by the way, the diaper is a fitted from Little Boppers. I know, it is too cute!

Texas Momma- I have never heard of Rafflecopter. I will hav eto look into that. Thanks for the tip!

Amanda said...

YOu haven't heard of Rafflecopter?!?! It's just the new craze in entering giveaways! Mama take some time for yourself and go enter some giveaways! LOL I loved this event! I esp loved that you included WAHMs and smaller, less known co. I discovered a few I hadn't heard of before! Thank you! Now if you could please tell to pick my name for the Red Barn, I'll be your best friend forever! LOL

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