Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fluff Fest- My Homemade Wool Soaker/Trainer (link to pattern)

I still consider myself new to sewing. Sure, I have owned a sewing machine for nearly a decade but that doesn't mean I have used it all this time. I have sewn a few things here and there but mostly have been intimidated by it all. Recently, I have gained a new determination and have been sewing up a storm! Well, a small storm at least. One of my recent projects was sewing my 3 year old son some training pants. Not sure how to do it and not wanting to spend money on a pattern, I turned to the internet. As Vilate mentioned in her sewing post earlier this month, there are a TON of free sewing patterns online. It didn't take long for me to find a few I wanted to try.

One pattern I came across was one for a soaker. For those of you in the cloth diaper world you probably know what a soaker is. For those of you who do not, it is basically a pull on diaper cover. It can be made of wool or fleece and has cuffs at the legs and waist instead of the usual elastic. Although I can't say I am wild over the idea of this for cloth diapering, I am thrilled at how nice it works for a cloth trainer! Once more, I was able to up-cycle an old merino wool sweater for the project. How thrifty is that?

With the pattern I used I doubled the fabric in the main part of the soaker in order to add a hidden soaker pad. The pad is made of ZORB which is a highly absorbent material. Since Merino wool is nice and thin like knit, it did not make this bulky. I love how soft and stretchy the merino wool is, it is not irritating to my son at all. The only downside I would say to using wool for your soaker/trainer is that it will need to be washed by hand. However, you still get the awesome breathability that wool offers, so choose your battle on this one.

If using wool for this project, you will also not want to lanolize the entire soaker/trainer as this will create a barrier and not allow the ZORB to do it's job. I use a lanolin spritz and add a light coating to the outer layer. This seems to work best. I have been pleased with the absorbency of this trainer. Between the ZORB and the wool it can hold quite a lot of urine before you are dealing with a mess.

I am also loving the fit. Most of the cloth training pants you buy in stores (Gerber for instance) always seem to gap in the legs and sag all over. These give a nice fit at the waist and snug fit in the legs.

Okay, it does sag a bit in the rear, but this is due to my son's lack of buns and not the soaker pattern! Haha!

I also made a pair of longies from the same sweater! What a deal... a soaker and longies for maybe $4.00! Can't beat that!

Now, if only potty training my sweet boy were this easy! ;-)

Soaker Pattern can be found here.

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Sarah J. said...

E is so cute in his trainers! Tate won't wear wool because it's itchy. :o)

HappilyDomestic said...

Sarah- Merino wool is not itchy it all. It is so soft! It feels much like cotton knit.

Me and Mine in a Small Town said...

Wow you did a great job with both and you can't beat that price! I was going to say they don't look itchy at all!!!! :)

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