Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Cloth Diaper Story- By guest blogger, Carron

My name is Carron, I am a homeschooling mama to 3 amazing children, wife to a hard-working man that I've loved for ages & a DIYing, thrifting, frugal woman to beat :)

Here's my cloth diapering story: Diapers are expensive!! Did you notice that? I'm not a fan of throwing money away, especially when I skimp everywhere else to save some extra. That said, I was head over heels with the idea of using cloth. I scoured the 'net for the best cloth diaper & found my favorite. An all in one that was an all you'll ever need kind of diaper. The BumGenius 3.0. [sounds of angels rejoicing] Ok, let's order! Oh, I see, you recommend having 20 something diapers...and inserts...oh look, organic. That's better. Ok. So it'll be about $400 or MORE!! SCRATCH THAT IDEA! I wanted to save money remember?

That is why I asked amazing Beth to share my post with you.
Enter Superhero Mama, I set off the beaten path to make my own diapers.

I found an amazing beginner's tutorial and sat down with my machine. I used materials that I had on hand, and I'm sure you do to. The full tutorial is posted here on my blog, go read it AFTER you finish this post.

I used fleece from a blanket seldom used, a gerber birdseye cloth prefold that we already had & the only thing I had to purchase was diaper pins. At Babies R Us you can get six for $3.

To Date (since January) I've made all the diapers i'll ever need for about $10. I also have a TON of additional fabric which I plan to make more and sell them in lots for next to nothing! If I didn't want to spend $20 on each BumGenius diaper, what makes me think anybody else would if there was another option.

These homemade cloth diapers are so easy to manage! The hardest part is using the diaper pin, but that's mostly fear of stabbing your baby--trust me, you won't stab him. I wash them in my homemade laundry soap, and homemade dryer sheets dry them on a rack or in the dryer. I've used rubber pants on top but they're not required. The fleece is waterproof & each cover can be used for days without getting wet/stinky.


Since we've only been using these cheap/free cloth diapers for 7 months (again, I'm not a guru) we've saved enough money to update our kitchen, redecorate the bathroom, get a new area rug & so much more :) It's definitely worth it! The diapers will give your baby a sweet little BIG ba-donk-a-donk but it's really not that big of a deal :)

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Chari said...

great job! I love homemade diapers, they really are easy to make.

Brooke said...

I love to make diapers for my babies, too. This is a great idea for as simple diaper!

Charis's Mum said...

I love hearing about people who are actually trying to be sustainable and making their own diapers. (I've only made two so far. I'm SLOWLY trying to perfect my diapers.)

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