Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Sewing Project- I sewed a cloth diaper!!!!

A couple days ago a friend of mine emailed and said she found a Serger on the Sears outlet page for only $33. Better yet, it was located in my town!!!! First off, this was a TOTAL God thing because my friend was online looking at highchairs and secondly, she said she never goes to Sears website. Not only this, my birthday is in a couple weeks and guess what I told my husband I wanted for it??? A serger! I really didn't think I would get one considering the fact my husband is still unemployed and our finances are unbelievably tight at the moment. Well, at this price, we could afford it!

As soon as we got the email from my friend, my sweet hubby rushed down to Sears and even waitied almost an hour outside their doors until they open (bless his heart). He got it though. YAY! It was a display model, but has never been used. Apparently, a few others had been looking at it but didn't buy it because they had it marked as "missing parts". Their loss was my gain, I suppose and guess what??? There is NO missing parts! It works great!

My New Kenmore Serger
Happy Birthday to Me!

Since my husband brought home the serger, I have been itching to sew a cloth diaper! I had an old delamiated diaper I took apart to create a pattern from (don't worry, I didn't rip off anyone's pattern, I changed it up a bit. Plus, this company is no longer in business either.) I went to a children's second hand store yesterday and bought up a few cotton knit baby blankets and went home and got busy!

I made the diaper with 1 layer of outer print knit (I added 1 layer of knit before adding snaps), 1 layer of inner knit with a ZORB pad sewn in, and an inner layer of yellow knit.

For the inside of the diaper, I also made a snap in soaker pad using ZORB. I covered the ZORB with the same knits I use for the diaper and serged the edges. I like this as it will dry qiucker than having a diaper made with 2 inner layers of ZORB.

Here is the finished diaper (front, side and back)
I just love the retro fabric! So cute.

I made this diaper a one size as that seems the most economical way to make a diaper. My rise snaps however are not snapping the best. I think I should have added 2 extra layers of knit to the back of the snaps before securing them. Those snap pliers can be tricky!

Ta Da! Here is baby J wearing his new diaper. It fits wonderfully. Nice snug fit in the legs, but not too tight. I am still in awe that I actually made this. :-) Can you tell I'm excited?

Hopefully, this diaper holds up. This was my first time ever sewing a cloth diaper. Also, it was the first time using a serger (ever) and also I had no instructions on how to actually make this diaper. I had fun though. I can't wait to make more! Oh, and guess what? This diaper only cost me $2.75 to make! Can't beat that.

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Chari said...

Wow you have such a sweet friend! I would love to have a serger!! I keep looking out for a good deal and saving money for one when I can. Maybe someday!

I'm really impressed with your diaper and it's your first! My first diaper did not look that great!! Cute print too. Can't wait to see what other diapers you make :-)

HappilyDomestic said...

Chari- Thanks! Yes, my friend is one of the best ever. Always sharing great deals and helping when she can. ;-)

Well, hopefully you can find a great deal on a serger as well. Have you tried ebay yet?

Thanks also for the compliments. I can't wait to see what else I can make too! lol

Emily B said...

way to go - both on the very cool diaper and on the serger score! I would LOVE to have a serger one day.

Amy said...

Great job! I love sewing diapers!

whocg23 said...

Oh my goodness, to find a serger in our area for that price! I would be so happy, but I live with my overlock stitches on my babylock.
Very cute diaper. Aren't they just a work of love making?! I love making diapers for my little ones. :)

Beccalynn said...

That looks FANTASTIC for your first cloth diaper! My first was not nearly so wonderful :-D Great job!

Hannah Avery said...

It turned out really cute! Congratulations!


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