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Fagor Non-Stick Cast Alluminum Cookware Review


Fagor America is a worldwide company that is famous for their high quality pressure cookers, but did you know they also sell quality kitchen appliances and cookware? Considering I only had 1 pot and 1 cast iron skillet in my kitchen, I was quite excited to be reviewing their top notch 7 piece Cast Aluminum Cookware Set. This comes with a 9.5" Skillet with Stainless Steel handle, 11" Shallow Casserole with glass lid (3.5qt), 9.5 Stock Pot with glass lid (5 qt), 8.5" Grill Pan with Stainless Steel handle and a 6.5" Sauce Pan with Stainless Steel handle (1.5qt). Oh yes, a much needed addition to my pitifull little collection!
Some of Fagor America's 7 pc. Cast Aluminum Set features:

All lids are oven safe
Handles detach to optimize storage space
Perfect for use on all stovetops: gas, electric, radiant and induction
Made of durable cast aluminum

Healthy meals due to very little or no oil used when cooking

I really enjoy using these pans. It has been a long time since I have owned a non-stick pan as I am a little apposed to the chemicals in teflon. How happy I was when I learned that they use a PFOA and PTFE free non stick coating for their cookware! I really tested it out too, for the sake of a thorough review I even let the roasted chicken pan sit overnight (it wasn't at all because I didn't feel like doing dishes...). I was a little surprised that I was able to wipe it clean with no difficulty at all.

The quality of the cast aluminum cookware is fantastic. I really like how evenly the pans heat, this makes for perfect cooking. I particularly enjoyed cooking with the grill pan. I got those gorgeous grill lines on a steak and beautiful lines on a panini that I made for lunch the other day. Very cool!

I wanted to show you the wonderful non stick feature so I decided to fry an egg with no oil or butter. I heated the pan to med-low and dropped the egg in.

I decided to break the yoke open and let it run all over the pan, the messier this egg is the better, right?

Next, I threw in a little cheese... just to really give the pan a challenge.

This smeared around egg with cheese came out of the pan perfectly, all in one piece! Not a single thing left in the pan... No oil, no butter, no extra egg for the pan!

Other features I liked:

Removeable handles. The handles are removeable for easy storage, simply turn the knob at the end of the handle and it will loosen it from the pan. This is a nice little perk when you are in a little kitchen like mine. I need all the cabinet space I can get!

Oven safe. The lids and pans are oven safe, that really comes in handy when you are making something that needs a little browning on the top. It is important to note that the handles are not oven safe, so if you need to put your skillet in the oven for any reason you need to remove the handle.

Healthy. I know I have already said that they use a safer non-stick coating, and I have also shared the ability to cook oil free, but I would like to touch on this again. I have made several meals with less than 1 tbs of oil or butter. This is a great improvement! Being able to "saute" my vegetables without oil and still get that lovely color and crisp on them is wonderful. It is a relief to know that I am doing this without harming my body with toxic teflon chemicals.

Overall, I highly recommend purchasing one of Fagor America's Cast Aluminum Cookware Sets. I have been impressed by the quality of their product. When purchasing new appliances or cookware, I will definitely be looking to Fagor America in the future!

BUY IT- You can purchase your own Cast Aluminum Set online at Amazon.com for $249.99. To see some of Fagor America's other products and where you can purchase them in a store cllose to you, click here.

Written by Happily Domestic Contributer: Brittney Thompson

Thank you to Fagor America who provided me with the Cast Aluminum Set for this event free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received to conduct this review .

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