Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Belated Post- First Day of Homeschool 2011

I know school has been in full swing for a couple months now, but I have been wanting to share our photos from our first day of school. We started on August 22nd. This year we actually have a school room once again. YAY! Makes a HUGE difference. For the past 2 years we have done school in a corner of our family room. After moving all three boys into the master bedroom, this freed up my oldest son's bedroom for our school room. It's small, only 10x10 but we managed to put 5 desks in there so I can't complain.

Mr. C 5th Grade

C at his new desk. I bought a set of these desks from a friend for only $40. I painted them and bought a couple cheap chairs from Kmart to go with them.

My Preschoolers
Since C and I got new desks, E and J got their old desks. They love them and color at them every day. They love having their own place in the school room.

Miss I 4th Grade
My kids are doing a lot of computer curriculum this year, so they each got a new laptop. See my curriculum post here to see what we are using.

working on Science


My boys love to color!
This is great most of the time until they color on the walls. :-(

J is not technically a preschooler, but he likes to pretend.

Better view of the complete room

another view

Our bookshelf
I labeled the separate areas and have everything organized (probably the only organized area in my whole house! lol) There is Arts/Crafts, Cooking/Misc, Science, Phonics, Music, Bible/Character and then the bottom 2 shelves are novels, magazines, story books, etc.

My desk
Remember I got this free from a yard sale? See post here. I actually have drawer pulls on it now, but did not have then when I took this picture.

So that's our school room!
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Chari said...

That's ok, I'm way behind posting important days and events on my blog as well lol

cute school room! I look forward to having one next year. we will have a 10 x 10 room soon and that is what we plan to do with ours as well :-)

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