Monday, November 21, 2011

DIY Holiday Bibs Tutorial

Last summer I found the most amazing set of bibs at a yard sale and knew I could make them myself. I was correct! These are SO simple and better than any bibs you can buy at the store.

What you need:

1 small decorative kitchen towel
(these are not full size kitchen towels, these are the small ones that are pretty much worthless for kitchen or hand towels)

29 inches of Bias Tape

Thread to match

Ribbon or any other embellishments you want (optional)

You can almost always find these small decorative kitchen towels at places like dollar stores. I found this turkey print one at Target in their dollar bins. What is nice about these towels is they are already embroidered. Makes a cute bib without having to add much.

What to do:

Fold top of towel down towards the front. Adjust to desired length. Cut neck opening in center of towel at fold.

Next, take your bias tape and center with neck opening. You will then open bias tape to enclose around neck lining. Pin together.

Sew using a zig zag type stitch. You will need to sew the entire length of the bias tape, sewing close to the bias tape edge. Make sure to fold in the bias tape ends for a nice finished edge.

Here is the stitch setting I used.

The finished bib!

You can always add ribbon or ric-rac to the towel flap edge and to the bottom edge to give your bib a little more flair. I actually bought gold ribbon to do this, but lost it. :-( I'm not going to bother now.
Ready for lot's of Turkey and Gravy!

These bibs are so nice and cover well. I also like the flap at the top for wiping little faces. Did I mention these are also cheap to make? This one cost me around $2.00. It would be simple to make a nice set of holiday bibs for a baby shower gift.

Stay tuned for DIY Christmas bib with stretch neck opening!

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Debbie said...

To cute, love ya little E :)

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