Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Sewing Project- Pajamas for Christmas

Another tradition in our house is to give our children a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve. After opening their new jammies, they put them on and we load the family up in the van with cups of hot chocolate and drive around town looking at lights. So Fun! Every year my kids look forward to this so much.

This year I decided to sew my children's pajamas. I remember my mom sewing us kids pj's off and on when I was growing up and they were always so special to me. I wanted to give my kids that type of memory. Of course, I am pretty new to sewing and wasn't fully confident in my ability to pull this off. I did it though and finished up just in the nick of time (day before Christmas eve)!!

The only bummer was that I had to let the kids see the pajamas while they were being sewed as I needed to measure them to them. However, despite all this my kids were SO EXCITED when they opened their jammies and finally got to wear them! You can see by the looks on their faces in the pictures below.

I had never sewn a shirt with a collar before so this was a bit of a challenge. In the end they all turned out good.
Cracks me up how happy they were! :-)

I even sewed matching pajamas for I's American Girl doll Ruthie!

Closer look
I found a free pattern for these online, here.

E's response was, "My cowboys!" He and J-boy got cowboy teddy bears riding stick horses on their pajamas.

They also got Toy Story cowboy boot slippers to go with their jammies. You can't see them real well here, but they have Woody and his horse on the side and spurs on the back.

J was a little less enthusiastic.

He wouldn't pose for a picture either.

The whole gang in their new pajamas
Christmas Eve 2011

Here is the pattern that I used for these. You can buy it here, although I got mine on Ebay for a bit cheaper. Overall, it was fairly simple. The collar is the hardest part.
Did you do any sewing over the holidays? What did you make?
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Chari said...

The first time you sew a collar it can be pretty difficult! I've only sewn a couple so far and I about wanted to pull my hair out with one of the patterns I was using, it was too confusing compared to the first one. But you did a great job! I'll have to keep this in mind for next year. Where did you get your fabric?

I didn't do any sewing until this week. I was trying to finish baby's Christmas stocking but didn't have enough time so I put it away til next year. I made a car seat cover for my SIL and making my own today after I finish washing the fabric :-) I have lots of projects piled up!

Myrna said...

This is wonderful. Love the jammies and the kids faces are just priceless.

HappilyDomestic said...

Chari- Thanks. :-) Yes, I think the instructions make it harder sometimes than it has to be. The little boys fabric I got at Hobby Lobby, the big kids fabric came from Jo-Ann's.

Myrna- Thanks! I am glad I was able to do that for them. :-) Not sure I will do it every year though. lol

Hannah Avery said...

These are so adorable! I want to start the tradition of giving my child/children pajamas on Christmas eve too. Our son is 16 months, and we didn't do it this year, but I bought some at Walmart on sale for $3 in the size he should be in next year, so I already have them! Yay, I am so excited! Love your blog! Have a very blessed New Year!


Jodi Faye said...

Those are so cute! This year I made pillow cases and blankets for my niece and nephews. Maybe I will attempt PJ's next year :)

Mama Teaching 3 said...


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