Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Christmas Morning!

This is a belated Wordless Wednesday, but considering it is still Wednesday I am going for it! This is the first time today I have had time to sit down to work on any blog stuff. Here is a few of our family pictures from Christmas morning.

Christmas 2011

The stockings ready for Christmas morning.

J wasn't sure what to do!

Oooh, Hot Wheels!

The big kids know exactly what to do!

Opening gift from mom and dad.

More Legos!

E and J opening their stick horses!


Our little cowboys!

Time to build

"I" received lot's of fun stuff for her doll, including matching dresses!

E had a fun filled day of puzzle building, pony riding, and making creations with his new play-dough.

By the way- Our kids woke up at 3 AM!!! We of course sent them back to bed until six. Crazy kiddos!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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Chari said...

looks like they really enjoyed their gifts. I think play dough is the 3 year old's best friend :-D (or it is in our house anyway!)

Sarah J. said...

Those are some pretty cute cowboys! My boys were so exhausted, they actually slept in. :)

Meg@Domesticated-ish said...

My brothers and I always woke up at 3 on Christmas morning. I miss that incredible anticipation and excitement. I only hope that someday my kids will be the same way, I'm sure they will. Although as a parent it's probably not that awesome and I too will try to get them back to bed. When I was a kid, all four of us would lay in the living room and watch a Christmas movie until our parents go up.

mail4rosey said...

I WISH my kids would get up early. I have four of them (one is grown and married now, but the other three are not!) and every single year I have to wake them and my husband up.

Your pictures are great.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

I so LOVE Christmas morning. :) They looked so cute in those jammies.

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