Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitchen Organization

Well, this is the third post in my organization series and this is one that I struggle with almost every day. You see we have lived in our home for our entire married life (we bought it 4 months before our wedding) of almost 10 1/2 years. But I still don't feel that I am utilizing my space wisely there. I have a decent amount of cabinet and counter space but I always feel that I run out of room quickly if I start to work in there on a "bigger" project than just a meal. But here are a few things that I LOVE about the way that my kitchen is set up now. They work great, save me quite a bit of time and headache and these are things that I know I wouldn't change even if I got a bigger kitchen!!

This is a super nifty "Baggie Drying Rack" that my sister made me for Christmas. It is just an old wire hanger with the corners and hook bent up. I think she got the idea from Pinterest. Need I say more? I'm frugal through and through and that will never change no matter the size and style of my kitchen. The baggies used for snacks, breads, and such are washed and reused a couple times to cut down on cost and waste.

I keep all of my leftover storage in a bottom cabinet. This allows my children to help with the table chores from a very early age. It also puts bowls in their reach for snack time, breakfast, and even when mixing cookies. This has helped to create a space that my children feel welcome in. A space that they can work in and help and accomplish something. It has pulled them into the kitchen in ways I could never have imagined.

Along with the bowls being in reach I keep a drawer of "rags" very low as well. I have pictures of Katherine when she was just a little over 2 getting a rag, cleaning a mess up (slinging crumbs everywhere) and then shaking the rag over the trash can. Then she even put the rag back into the drawer!!! Anyone who spends time at my house knows not to use the rags from this drawer for anything but cleaning up a spill! I do not promise that the rags in this drawer are still clean. But, it has encouraged my kids to clean up after themselves and to feel a sense of pride that they can do a job from start to finish without help.

Frugal storage is a weird hobby of mine. But you see, we shop at Sam's and Costco for many of our monthly staples and lots of them come in these cool HUGE containers with lids. So, I can't stand to throw them out. I reuse them. And one of them holds all of the straws and lids to our cups. Everything from sippy cup lids and valves to the lid to Daddy's work cup and the top to my refillable water bottle go in here. But it is easy to see into and helps the children be able to find their own lid and straw when we are getting ready to go somewhere.

So, even though I don't feel as if all the space in my kitchen is being used to its full potential I have found a few "tricks" that I love and have worked for my family for years. And one of the benefits to having an organized kitchen that is easy for your children to work and help in is making many more memories while your children are young.

And oh so silly!!!

"K" singing about the cookies she made

Have you found any kitchen organization tricks that help get your kids into the kitchen with you? Do you have an organization idea that helps things flow and creates extra work space in the kitchen. Share with me!!!

Written by Happily Domestic Contributor - Amanda Sikes

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Eliza Rae said...

My kitchen isn't as organized as I'd like it to be. I have dreams of my own house and a kitchen that I can do what I want in.
I want to have either an island or some how fashion a pull out counter when I want to do bigger projects.
I want to turn that fake drawer under the sink into something useful.
I want cute storage baskets(made out of old boxes covered in fabric)and hung on the wall for rags and towels.
There are lots of things I'd like to do in my dream kitchen.
Currently the only thing in my kitchen that keeps me alittle more organized in the tiny space that I have is I use a large plastic container to hold all of my plastic storage container lids. The lids get out of control so quickly and take up so much space if I don't have them all kept in 1 spot. I also keep whatever appliances I can put away in cabinets. My crock pot, blender, food processor, popcorn popper, griddle, fryer, toaster, and mixer are all in a cabinet. I pull them out when I need them then put them back away. It frees up alot of counter space. There are things like my coffee pot, microwave, bread maker and toaster oven(that I should just get rid of cause I never use it) that are left on the counter to take up space.

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