Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh Baby! Extravaganza- The Bumble Collection Camille Changing Bag Review!

Every new mama needs a great diaper bag.  You don't realize what an essential item the diaper bag is until you have one that does not meet your needs.  With each new baby your needs change as well.  For me, in 2 months I will be back to having 2 in diapers.  I also have a 3 year old who is newly potty trained.  This means packing a bag for three and not just two little ones.  On top of all this, I should mention that I cloth diaper my babies.  You can't really get away with a typical diaper bag if you have more than one in cloth.  Cloth diapers simply take more space!  When I was on the look out for a new diaper bag my main objective was to find a bag roomy enough for two in cloth, but also stylish enough for this mama to want to carry around.  I wanted a pretty diaper bag.  My babies are all boys, but that doesn't mean I can't have something semi-feminine!  

I love what I found in The Bumble Collections Camille Changing Bag!  It was everything I was looking for.  I was even more thrilled when The Bumble Collection agreed to send me one of their bags for this review.  I received the Camille Changing Bag in Evening Bloom print.  So pretty, but not overly girly with it's black and grey colors.  

This diaper bag is the perfect size and offers everything a parent of multiples could want as far as storage goes. Let me show you all the great features of this bag.  On the exterior you have a large front pocket.  In this pocket is a wallet organizer which will hold multiple credit cards (or I.D.'s etc).  This is great for those days when you just want to carry your diaper bag and not your purse.  It also has a zipped pocket that is great for holding money, gum, lip gloss, etc.

Don't want to carry your purse- No problem!  Use this pocket instead.

Next we have the shoulder strap.  The shoulder strap is fully adjustable which is awesome because it fits my petite frame perfectly.  I am under 5 feet tall and so it is often times hard for me to find bags that don't drag down to my knees and swallow me up in size.  It is also nice that the strap has a cushioned strap pad that rests on your shoulder keeping you nice and comfortable as you carry your diaper bag.  The strap pad is also removable for when it comes time to wash. 

On each side of the bag you will find a bottle/cup holder.  Each cup holder has a magnetic fold over top to keep the pockets shut when not in use.  You can also use these pockets to store car keys, small toys, etc.

The last exterior pocket is my favorite!  Located at the bottom of the bag away from the diaper bag interior is a storage compartment just for soiled clothes and diapers.  Genius!  Store that smelly wet bag in there and keep the rest of the diaper bag contents from getting stinky.  Not a cloth diapering parent?  That's okay, you can use this area to store your changing pad, wipes box, and any other diaper changing essentials.

Last but not least of the exterior features is the stroller straps!  The stroller straps have the same coordinating fabric as the rest of the diaper bag and contain Velcro loops to attach to your stroller hand bar.  Having your diaper bag out for easy access is so handy when out and about with baby.  So much nicer than stuffing your bag in the stroller basket.

Ample storage for plenty of cloth diapers!

Now lets move on to the interior of this awesome diaper bag.  First off I have to brag about the zipper opening.  With two zippers you can flip open the top easily and have a large view of the bag's contents.  Very handy, especially for those times when you are looking for things like a pacifier for a frantic baby!  I can't stand diaper bags with small openings where you have to dig through the whole bag to find anything.  As you can see from my picture above, when this bag is open you can see clearly what is inside.  The interior is very roomy.  I do not have the bag fully loaded in this picture, but as you can see I put in 5 cloth diapers, a wet bag and the changing pad and there is tons of room left.  

Side pockets holding a wet bag and changing pad
As with the exterior of this bag, the interior also contains several pockets.  There are 2 large pockets on one side, 2 additional bottle holders, and a large zipped pocket.

Inside zipper pocket

There is not much to dislike about this diaper bag.  It is fully functional, stylish, roomy, and machine washable!  I'm quite pleased and happy to have found such a great stylish diaper bag before I am back to having 2 in diapers.  This will be a lifesaver!

Buy It:
You can purchase the Camille Changing Bag (comes in 4 beautiful prints) for $89.99 directly from The Bumble Collection or shop one of their many retailers.  Click here to locate a store near you!  Be sure to check out Bumble Collections Outlet Store for some amazing deals and steals!  

To learn more about The Bumble Collection and their complete line of products, please visit their website at  You can also stay up to date with all their latest products and promotions on their facebook and twitter pages!  

Thank you to The Bumble Collection who provided me with the Camille Changing Bag free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received to conduct this review. 
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Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I like this! I need a new diaper bag. Thank you for sharing about this one.

Quiverfull Mama said...

When I had two in cloth diapers I never had room in my diaper bag and ended up having to use disposables when we went out. This is great though. I will keep this in mind for friends who cloth diaper.

camille said...

oh my goodness, i was hoping this was a, im pregnant with twins!! ;) beautiful!

HappilyDomestic said...

Camille- So sorry! Hey, but now you know what type of diaper bag you need. Believe me, I did a lot of research in this area and there are very few bags on the market made for 2 babies in cloth diapers! I am one happy mama for finding this one.

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