Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh Baby! Extravaganza - Sprout Shell Multifunctional Infant Carrier Cover Review!

We are a family on the go! I’ve got three boys playing soccer this spring and a baby boy due right in the middle of sports season. I am going to need a few things to keep baby protected in his car seat as well as covered while I am nursing him as we spend our weekends on the soccer field. I found a solution in just ONE product, the Sprout Shell!
Not only will this multifunctional cover do both of the previous tasks I was looking for, it will also serve a cover for shopping carts and public high chairs as he grown into a toddler. This will not only save me room in the diaper bag, but will save me money since I will not have to purchase four different products.

I love that Sprout Shell is a privately owned company operated by a family of moms. Sheri who invented the product, Kirsten who insisted it be brought to moms everywhere, and Teri, Sheri’s twin sister who uses her crafting and creative skills to help Sprout Shell create the hippest and most stylish infant carrier cover around. Together they have provided moms everywhere with an award winning line of products! 

I tried out the Sprout Shell on my infant car seat and found it very easy to take on and off. The elastic keeps it secure so you know your cover will not blow off in the wind. It creates a cozy little environment for your baby, away from un-wanted touches and bright lights. 
Infant Car Seat Cover
The hole in the top of the cover allows you to keep a firm grip on the carrier handle, provides a small window to view your baby, and supplies ventilation for fresh air. 

Nursing Cover

Once we make it to our destination, little man is sure to get hungry. I will be able to remove the cover from the carrier, easily slip it over my head, and scoop up my baby without ever having to dig in the diaper bag for another nursing cover. I love how this will simplify the process. The elastic again secures the cover around mom so it does not blow up or get pulled off by little hands. I like that it gives you coverage all the way around your body. It also has a side pocket to keep pacifiers, phone, nursing pads, etc.

When our little man gets bigger and is ready to sit in restaurant high chairs and shopping cart seats, we can bring the Sprout Shell along to easily slip over any seat and protect him from germs.

I love the Groovy Guitar Sprout Shell that we received; it is such a fun fabric in 100% breathable cotton. 

The Sprout Shell multifunctional cover comes in a variety of prints and would make a fabulous baby shower gift! I think any mom would be happy to receive such a useful product that will last for years to come.

You can learn more about their company and awesome line of products on their website, Facebook, or Twitter pages.

Thank you to Sprout Shell who provided me with the Groovy Guitar Sprout Shell All-in-one Cover free of charge for the purpose of this review.
 All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received
to conduct this review and giveaway.

Written by Happily Domestic Contributor - Jodi Faye

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