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Oh Baby! Extravaganza- WishGarden Herbal Products for Pregnant Women Review!

If you regularly shop at health food stores, you have probably come across WishGarden Herbal Remedies products.  Founded in 1987 by herbalist, Catherine Hunziker WishGarden started as a small in home business.  Today, WishGarden is nationally known for it's herbal remedies.  Their herbal remedies are made from wild-harvested and certified organic ingredients and have become trusted by many.  

WishGarden offers herbal remedies for every man, women and child for just about every ailment you can think of.  From their ever popular Kick-Ass Immunity Activator, Digestive Ease, Cramp Relief, and Deep Stess to their herbal teas and body care line you are sure to find what you are looking for!

I have personally been using a few of WishGarden's herbal tinctures over the past few years and can vouch for their effectiveness.  The Sleepy Nights tincture is among one of my favorites.  It gives me a nice relaxing feeling so I am able to sleep comfortably without feeling "drugged".  Since it is all natural, it is also non-habit forming.  This is great as so many over the counter sleep aids become so addictive and hard to sleep without using them.

Now that I am expecting a new baby I was curious to try out some of WishGarden's herbal products for pregnancy.  I was sent their Pregnant Belly Oil, Stress Relief for pregnancy, and AfterEase postpartum tincture.

Pregnant Belly Oil- The Pregnant Belly Oil is made with elder flower, bee pollen, comfrey leaf, jasmine essential oil, vitamin E and almond oil.  It helps your stretching pregnant belly stay soft and supple as baby grows.  In times past I would usually only put lotion or cocoa butter on my belly, but I can honestly say this oil is much nicer.  It rubs in quickly and makes my belly feel nice and soft and itch free.  A little oil goes a long way too which is great. It's a nice feeling to know nothing toxic is going on my skin affecting my unborn baby.

Stress Relief for Pregnancy- Who doesn't feel stress when they are pregnant? You are up more at night going to bathroom or being waken by aches and pains.  Everything you do seems 10 times harder than normal and the emotions are in full swing!  Every mama needs to find a way to relax and get past those daily stressers.  The Stress Relief herbal tincture gently calms your nerves and helps you stay focused.  Made with lemon balm leaf, linden blossoms, passionflower and milky oatseed you can take this up to 3 times a day and it is totally safe for you and baby!  Like the Sleepynights tincture when I use this I immediately feel a sense of calm come over me.  Doesn't stop the kids from fighting or clean your house for you, but can help you conquer those irritating things that arise each day. 

AfterEase- The AfterEase tincture is a uterine relaxant to help ease pain after childbirth.  It is made from crampbark, black haw bark, yarrow flower and motherwort leaf.  Sounds interesting, eh?  I have yet to give birth as my baby is not due for another 7 weeks, but I have two dear friends who recently gave birth at home and both used this tincture.  One of these friends said her midwife told her to hold off on taking the full dosage and then she cramped until she secretly took the full amount.  When she did she said it worked great at keeping those afterbirth pains away.  The second friend starting using the tincture right away and said to me, "You have to take this when you have your baby!"  I just smiled and said, "I know, I will."  By the way, this was her 5th baby as well so she has previous afterbirth pains to compare this to.  
  Doctor's don't offer anything like this in hospitals and it's a pity.  Why not treat our birthing pains naturally and not fill our bodies and babies with synthetic drugs!  I think every pregnant women should grab a bottle of this to bring to her birth.

Besides these 3 products, WishGarden offers quite a few other herbal remedies for the pregnant & postpartum mama.  Check out their full line here.

Be sure to check out WishGarden's facebook page as well for product updates and new information!

Thank you to WishGarden Herbs who provided me with the herbal products free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received to conduct this review.

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