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DIY Facial Products - Better For Your Skin & Your Wallet!

As women we are often on the look out for the "next best thing" in skin care. If you're a health nut like me, you are probably also reading labels and finding that the "next best thing" is actually the next worst thing you could put on your skin. There are plenty of wonderful organic and even raw skin care products out there. They are probably all wonderful for your skin too! Unfortunately, what they aren't often wonderful for is your wallet. You might feel like that means you need to compromise on quality by purchasing some of the more mainstream products. That is my whole reason for wanting to write this post, you don't have to compromise! In fact, you can have the absolute best quality, freshest and cheapest skin care products available. The only catch? You have to make them yourself.

This is actually much easier than you might think. When I first started trying out homemade skin care I gravitated towards some of the more complicated recipes. I felt like the more they contained the better they must be. It wasn't long before I hit burn out and started noticing that most of these recipes had a few things in common. They all contain some kind of oil for moisture, toner, exfoliant and antioxidants. Once I realized that, I found that I no longer needed recipes, I just needed to find the right mix for me.

Here are my recipes and why I chose the ingredients in them:

Cleanser.  The ingredients I use in my cleanser are simply strawberries (you can also use rasberries or blackberries) and witch hazel. The berries are each packed full of antioxidants which helps with skin damage and fights the effects of aging. It helps to balance your skins PH levels which will help with any acne or skin tone issues you might have. The seeds within the berries work as a great exfolient, sloughing off the dead skin without damaging the new. I love using the witch hazel because it works as an excellent toner and astringent. It is also great for any acne spots, oily patches and black heads. It is also good for getting rid of those puffy eyes.

Berry Cleanser

1 1/2 cups Frozen or Fresh Berries
Witch Hazel

If you are using frozen strawberries, allow them to thaw for a bit on the counter. Once they are ready, toss them into the blender with a couple tbs of witch hazel. Blend. Continue adding witch hazel until it has reached the consistancy you like best. I like mine to be somewhere between a paste and runny, but whatever you like is just fine. Store in the fridge for up to 1 week in a sealed jar.

To Use:
To avoid mess, use a spoon to get some of the cleanser in your hands. Apply to dry skin and massage for a minute or  2. Once you are finished, rinse off and enjoy the glow!

*Strawberries will not stain. If you use blackberries or rasberries, do not leave it on your skin too long. You will see a little extra color there! :)
Facial Mask. This recipe is one that I use often though and is quick to put together. Regardless of the recipe you use, masks will always take just a bit more time and shouldn't be done unless you have at least 30 minutes to spend. Bananas are packed full of antioxidants, potassium, magnesium and Vitamin A. This makes it perfect for getting rid of any oily/acne spots you might have while still offering moisture to your skin. All of the vitamins and minerals help restore the collagen in your skin too! Chocolate is the highest source of antioxidants that we know of so far. Unless you are using raw organic cocoa powder you wont receive the full benefits, but you will definitely get some. Not to mention it smells heavenly. Raw honey is great for cleansing and opening up the pores, allowing you to get the maximum benefits of your other ingredients. It is also great for restoring damaged/aged skin and leaves your skin feeling fresh and supple. I usually try to do a mask once every week or two.

Chocolate Banana Honey Mask

1 Banana (real ripe is easiest)
1 tbs Raw Honey
1/2 tbs Cocoa Powder

Mash it up as best you can in a bowl with a fork. When your finished, apply all over your face and neck if desired. Allow to fully dry (at least 10-15 minutes) before removing it with warm water. Once mask is removed, do a quick splash with cold water to seal up your pores.

Moisturizer. This is the easiest part because it is only one ingredient. I absolutely love using coconut oil on my skin. Despite what you might think, it does not leave your skin greasy nor does it cause you to break out. Coconut oil is anti-bacterial by nature which helps to prevent break outs and black heads. It helps to protect against free radicals that damage and age the skin. Because it absorbs so well into the skin it also helps protect against sun damage (I am not suggesting you ONLY use this for sun protection, but it helps). It will help to bring that healthy glow back to your skin quicker than an other product. I noticed a different literally within a few hours! There are many, many more benefits but since that would take me all day to write, I will just stop here.

Coconut Oil

Take a dime sized amount of coconut oil into your hands. If it is "hardened" simply rub your hands together until it has melted. Apply directly to your face, focusing on your dry areas and around your eyes and lips.  

Remember! It is possible to have to much of a good thing, so start small and add more oil if you need it!  

I have had temendous success with using these homemade products! I still have a few organic things that I like to use for fun here and there, but this is my normal routine. Remember that no matter how wonderful the product, switching to something new (especially something organic and raw) can sometimes cause your skin to release toxins. If you experience a break out, I strongly suggest giving it a few days. Your skin may have needed to purge what its been holding on to for so long. Once it clears you will most likely find that your skin has never been better! I hope you find this helpful!

What are some of your favorite DIY facial or body products?

Written By Happily Domestic Contributor: Brittney Thompson
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camille said...

I LOVE these "recipes!" Since I am 16 weeks pregnant, i have the WORST acne/rash on my neck, shoulders, and upper back.....something i've NEVER had before. My face is broken out somewhat, but NOTHING like my back and neck. I do not use cleanser on these areas (in fact I dont use cleanser at all, i use a high-quality microfiber cloth that i bought at but am finding myself using acne clearing gel on it, which I HATE since i am you think the mask would help? Should i start with the coconut oil? Help!!

mustardmoonfarm said...

Oh my goodness!!! Threes recipes look amazing!!! THANK YOU! :-) I'll be trying these soon!

Emilee said...

I have always used natural recipes on my face. It's a good way to go.

Mama Love said...

Camille- I have had similar problems while pregnant. I dont know if these would get rid of it since it is probably hormonal, but I think the berry cleanser would really help! GOOD LUCK!

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