Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Garden Centerpiece Tutorial

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love all of the colors of the flowers and the open windows with fresh breezes after a long cold winter of inside activites. I enjoy the time change and how we finally have light after dinner to play outside together. But also in Spring comes Easter!! I truly enjoy the hope that this holiday brings. With Jesus' death on the cross He gave His life for me and with His resurrection He defeated death and made eternal life attainable for all men.

The concepts of Easter are hard for even adults to wrap their minds around. Someone actually ROSE from the dead. He came back to life and walked upon the Earth again. That is mind blowing. Then add in the fact that His death was because of the bad things that each and everyone of us have done and that makes it even harder to understand. How? Why? He did that for me? What do you mean, eternal life? All of these are questions that many of us have at Easter time. So this year, I wanted to share with you one of the ways I am trying to help my children understand these concepts while also keeping Jesus at the center of this holiday and not the bunny that brings eggs.

Today we prepared our Easter Garden. My plan is to use this garden throughout this weekend as we talk about the events of this Easter weekend. We will use it while we talk about Jesus praying in the Garden. I plan to have the children make crosses and place them on the "hill" on Friday. And then we will place Jesus (an action figure) in the tomb until Sunday morning.

Gather Materials -

A shallow container (I used a box from canned goods at Aldi)
An empty veggie can (You might want to tape the top to make it safer for the
children to handle.)
A yard full of dirt, grass and flowers
A shovel or other digging tool
A large rock that covers the opening of the can

Head outside and let your kids gather flowers to put in their garden.

Then have them "help" you get a section of grass from somewhere in your yard. Make sure to dig down and get the roots so that your grass will stay green all week.

Place a little bit of dirt in the bottom of the box and then place your grass clumps on top. Take care that the grass sits at or above the top of the box. You will need a big enough section of grass to cover the "tomb" or can.

Now back inside, it is time to decorate your garden and to prepare it for Easter. Place the can on top of the dirt and under your grass.

Water your grass a little to make sure it makes it through the week.

Now it is time to decorate your garden. 
We went ahead and placed our rock, our "Roman Soldiers" and 

our "Jesus" so that you could see what it looks like all put together.

Our Roman Soldier guarding the tomb. I'm sure they wore camo right?!?

Then let your children decorate the garden with the flowers that they picked outside.

Now your garden is ready for your children to use as they reinact the events of the Easter weekend.
After I took these pictures I took off the people and the rock and I will wait to put them back on until we study and talk about the events they represent.

I hope that this craft will help you instill within your children a deeper understanding of what Jesus did for them. Do you have ways that you keep Jesus the center focus of the Easter holiday? Would you take a minute to share them with us?

Written by Happily Domestic contributor - Amanda Sikes

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Christy said...

Such a cute idea! I will be trying this. Thanks for sharing.

Eliza Rae said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

I like this! Wish I had seen it before today. I will have to remember this for next year.

Amanda Sikes said...

Using this idea again this year!!! Making our garden today in preperation Easter.

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