Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hawaiian Dinner Party- Miss "I" turns 10

So, I am a month late at posting this but who's counting right?  This is my life right now, behind on EVERYTHING! Well, as you know my darling daughter Miss "I" turned 10 on March 15th.  To celebrate the big event we decided a Hawaiian Luau was in order.  Thing is, it was still winter.  Knowing this we decided a Hawaiian Dinner Party was a better choice.  The end result was one stinkin fun party! We had music, friends, great food, and even a fire!  More about that in a bit.  

Lovely tissue balls.  Looked so nice hanging over the table.  FYI-Do not attach tissue balls to ceiling using only tape, especially when hanging over candles!  Yes, this is the part where the fire comes in.... see that pretty blue ball?  It fell directly onto the candle and burst into flames right on the table.  My friend and I were busy cooking with our backs turned when I mentioned "It was feeling hot in here".  Low and behold there was a fire on the table!  AHHHH!!!!  Without even thinking I grabbed what little bit of the tissue wasn't burning and tossed it down to the tile.  Probably not the smartest decision, but I WAS HOLDING A FIRE BALL!!!  We quickly threw a pan of water on the mess and it was out.  Amazingly, the table remained clean and un-burnt.  How so, I have no clue!

The Party Table

Pineapple candles adorned the table

Ready to party!

Aloha, from the Hunter girls!

Me & My Honey

The whole gang (minus the adults of course)

T & T aren't they adorable?

H & A 
So Happy Together!

C & E 
Lovely Ladies

S, L, & H
Always Bright with Smiles

My Sweet Boys
They need to learn to smile!

My 4 babies

The Hawaiian Hunters
Yes, this is the best we could do! ;-)

Had to get a belly shot in!
I am 31 weeks here

Time to eat!

On the Menu:
BBQ Teriyaki Chicken, Pineapple and Veggie Shish Kabobs 
Jasmine Rice
Tropical Fruit Salad (pictured above)
Fried Wontons with homemade Sweet & Soar Sauce
Virgin Pina Coladas

Okay, she is going to hate me for putting this picture on my blog, but it is the only picture of the food I took.  Sorry, my dear!

Yes, I served the Pina Coladas in Margarita glasses.  Not authentic, but it worked and they were nice because they were frozen and kept the drinks nice and cool.

Thanks for the yummy dinner, Mom!

Me and My Best Gals


Love all the expressions in this one

Baby J has a style of his own, what can I say?

Too much fun!

Craft Time!
Shell Bracelets

Trying to figure out a pattern

My daughter's finished bracelet

The Cake
Hawaiian Blizzard Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen

A closer look
Isn't it perfect?

Birthday Girl

Belting out the Birthday Song!

10 Candles= 10 Wishes

Go for it!

I hope she wished for her baby brother to come soon! ;-)

Most everyone left by this time, but some of us still partied hearty!

My son trying VERY HARD not to lose out to a girl!

Hawaiian Manicure Time!
That's what everyone does in Hawaii right?

My daughter LOVES having her nails painted

Ta Da! 

And that was the end of very exhausting (yet fun) day!

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Chari said...

What a cute party and so many details! Love the cake too!

The Green House said...

That looks like a great party! And that cake - that is an awesome cake!

Hau`oli la Hanau from Jordyn @ The Green House


Amanda Sikes said...

Looks like a great party!! My oldest turns 10 this year too and I just can't believe it. Where does the time go? ?

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