Monday, April 9, 2012

Menu Plan Monday- week 4/8 through 4/14

The time I slack at menu planning the most is when I am pregnant.  Unlike most mamas who are hungry all the time and craving foods, when I am pregnant I pretty much have no appetite (it kicks in when the baby is born).  I have only had one craving this pregnancy and that was oranges.  When I am pregnant my family suffers.  I have no imagination when it comes to creative meals and I secretly wish having to eat was not a requirement to live!  Sounds pretty bad, huh?

Well, as much as I despise preparing food when I am pregnant, I equally despise going to the grocery store every few days to pick up food to throw together meals.  I decided I will ONLY go shopping once a week and I need to start planning our dinners again.  It truly does help to know what I am making each night.  Here is what I planned for this week.....

Sun. 4/8- Beef & Cheese Raviolis and Green Salad
Mon. 4/9- Chicken Pot Pie and Green Salad
Tue. 4/10- Tacos
Wed. 4/11- Texas Roadhouse!  It's Little E's 4th Birthday (Cowboy Theme)
Thur. 4/12- Tortilla Black Bean Casserole and Spanish Rice
Fri. 4/13- Chicken Marsala over Egg Noodles, Green Beans
Sat. 4/14- Parskies (German stuffed rolls)

Do you menu plan?  What is your family's favorite dinner meals?

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Brittany H said...

You are totally not alone! My mind gets so one tracked when I'm pregnant. I think of something I want I make it and then I sit down and realize there are no side dishes or anything else. My poor little family. And thinking of things for a whole week? Ya right. Creativity gone.

Amanda Sikes said...

I love menu planning but it is so hard to do it when eating is a chore. I am so blessed that my husband isn't picky and my kids eat most things.

So, we have a "monthly" meals list that I use so that even when I am pregnant I don't have to come up with meals. I just use the list.

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