Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Cloth Diaper Baby Shower

Around here at Happily Domestic, most of the writers are focusing on the births of their new babies. They either have a newborn or will very soon. But not me. For the first time in years I am a "free" woman. I am neither nursing or pregnant right now and yes it feels very odd. I'm a little sad about it but I am trusting that God knows what is best for our family and that is exactly what I want. So, when or if He chooses to send another blessing our way I will be thrilled but in the mean time I have something else to focus on.

My Beautiful Sister

The birth of my FIRST niece!!! My sister is expecting and this will be my first niece or nephew on my side. My children have been the only grandchildren to this point. So we are all very excited!! And the other day I was blessed to host her baby shower.

Some of the food. Due to my "baby" being in the hospital with RSV
this same week some amazing friends helped bring the food. It
wasn't all here yet when I took this picture.
And since she has an amazing network of friends and family she had almost everything she needed for the baby but diapers. And since she has choosen to cloth diaper I had the privildge of planning a CLOTH dipaer shower.

We had diapers hanging on the "line".

We had diaper cupcakes, and a garden themed decor.

Cloth Diaper cupcakes

We played a game and opened a few presents but most of the attenders had chosen to give money toward a HUGE order of cloth diapers for her. People kept telling me how they loved this idea and how "easy" it was to just give money because then they knew she was getting what she wanted.

During this game everyone pulled off a tab and then followed the directions. They were
things such as pass this gift to the person on your right that has been to the most states, or
that has the most children, or that traveled the farthest. When all the tabs were gone the person with the gift got to open it.
This type of shower could work even for a non-cloth diapering momma too. I was truly happy with how it turned out and it was a great shower for a new momma that had been blessed with everything she needed.

Her amazing collection of cloth diapers.

Written by Happily Domestic Contributor- Amanda Sikes
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CJR said...

Ohhh! What a fab idea, I was just asking some family members if they would actually buy cloth diapers if I put them on the registry, but this is a great alternative!

Party and games looked like fun!

CJR @ The Mami Blog

Leanne said...

How fun! What a neat idea to do this for her!

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