Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Creating a "Birth Book" for Pregnancy, Labor, Delivery, and Recovery

Since I decided to do a VBA4C delivery this pregnancy and would be having a natural birth at a hospital, I wanted to create a "Birth Book" to keep myself organized.  There is so much preparation this time around. I also wanted something that would help everyone on my birth team know exactly what I wanted for this birth.  I am pleased with how my birth book turned out and thought I would share what I did.  If you are a detail oriented mama like me, I know you will appreciate this.

I used a small (7 x 9 1/2) 3 ring binder I purchased at Office Max for the birth book. The cover picture is by Mary Engelbreit.

The inside of this binder came with the attached left pocket. This works out perfectly for holding my MP3 player and ear buds.  Loaded into my MP3 player is music to listen to during labor as well as my HypnoBirthing tracts.  

Additionally I purchased dividers, clear covers, and pocket folders for this binder.  On the first page  in my birth book you will find my phone number list.  I broke this down into emergency numbers, birth team members, and friends.  It looks weird in this picture because I had to blur the numbers.

Turn the page and you will find phone numbers of family and to the right a sheet telling how to deliver a baby in an emergency situation (basically at home unassisted if you don't make it to the hospital).

Next page is my birth plan.  Since this binder is smaller I had to shrink this down to fit on one page. I did put full size copies on the next pages over for my birth team and hospital.

Full size copies of birth plan.  To the left is copies for my birth team.  On the backside of these are the "jobs" I want each person to do (besides my Doula and husband).  I have two of my friends on my birth team and wanted them to know exactly how I needed their help.  I don't want anyone feeling helpless and there is specific things I need help with.  Hopefully they will appreciate this and not think I am a control freak.

Next page I made up a list of what herbs and oils I want to use during each stage of labor, for after birth and for baby.  Since this will be a natural birth it is important to me I get good use out of all the herbs, oils, etc. I purchased for the occasion.  

Then I have a couple pages that show positions for comfort during labor.  I am sure these will come in handy!

In the pocket folder to the right is the instructions to my birthing stool, which also shows positions on using this stool during labor.

I also printed off a variety of cute pictures of my children for focal points.  It is easy when you are having labor pains to lose sight what the end result is.  It's a beautiful new life!  I don't want to forget that my baby boy needs his mama to stay calm and give him a peaceful birth.

In these two pocket folders I added the pictures of my children and to the left is my scripture verse cards.  Another thing to help me stay focused and remember who is in control.  I will blog about the scripture cards in another post and share the verses I used for this project.

Here we have a couple of my packing lists.  To the left is my check list of what to pack for labor and delivery (the basics). To the right is what to pack as far as my oils, herbs, etc for delivery and recovery.

What to pack for me list

What to pack for baby list

Lastly, we have my HypnoBirthing CDs as well as a couple relaxing music CDs.  Same stuff I have loaded to my MP3 player.  I am bringing them though as I am also packing a CD player.  At times I may to play them in my room as I feel it helps set the atmosphere for my birth team as well.

At the end of my birth book is another little pocket where I put my Gentle Babies book.  This book is AWESOME!!!  It tells you what essential oils to use and when for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.  I will be using a lot of Young Living Essential Oils during this delivery.

That's it!  This is my Birth Book.  I am excited to have it finished finally.  I meant to have it finished up a few months ago but procrastinated.  A few other ideas you can add to this book are... lists of vitamins to take, exercises to do, books to read, recipes for pregnancy or even freezer meals to make, what you need for baby list, etc.  If you make your birth book early enough it can become quite the helpful tool during your pregnancy.  

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Marissa said...

Wow!! You are organized!! My husband think I can organize- well he hasn't met you! Good for you and I pray that you have a great delivery!!

Jodi Faye said...

You are so organized! I am impressed :)

Liz said...

Great idea! Looking back, what were the most effective essential oils you used in labor? I am starting to put together my list of what to get and when to use them during labor. Thanks!

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