Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DIY Paint Chip Moblie Tutorial

When I started to design baby number five's room I was having fun with all of the DIY ideas you can find on the internet. I especially loved the idea of making your own mobile. I ran across a blog that showed a homemade mobile that was made from paint chips. Genius! These little pieces of colorful cardstock are free! You can make so many things with them; I have seen everything from bookmarks to garland made from these colorful squares of paper.

I decided to head to Lowe's and grab a stack of paint chips in colors that coordinated with baby's bedding. I went with blue, yellow, orange, and green tones.

Then I headed to Hobby Lobby, which just so happened to be next door, and grabbed an embroidery ring for 99 cents. This would end up being my grand total for the project, just 99 cents!


Paint Chips
Embroidery Ring - any size
Glue Gun
String or Fishing Line
Circle Punch - or any other shape



How To:

First punch out your shape from the paint chips. I was going to try to make owl shapes to match his theme, but ended up going with a simple design of dots since I had a punch at home. You can really do any shape you want, if you made a pattern they could even be hand cut. I didn't have the time or patience, so I used a 1 3/8 circle punch. I found that I could get two circles out of the tri-colored chips and four out of the larger squares. Hold the punch upside down and slip the paint chip into the slot making sure you are getting only the color you want and not off the edge.

 Then I laid out the design that I wanted. I decided to do different shades of each color from dark to light. I made rows of each color with two paint chip circles for each dot, these would be my strings of chips that would hang down from the ring. I made mine different lengths, you can really get creative with your own design.

I then got my string (I just used a spool of white thread) and began gluing the dots onto it. It worked best to put a dot of hot glue on the wrong side of the chip, lay the string on the dot of glue, and then press the second dot over the tip and press well. I found that you really want to press to get the dots to glue together so there is no gap and you don't see the paint chip words in the crack between the chips.

 The next step is to tie your strings of dots onto the embroidery ring. To make a hanger on the top tie two more pieces of string onto the ring crossing each other to make an x. I am sorry I didn't take pictures of this step. You will hang the mobile from the center of the x. I hung mine from an eye hook in the ceiling.

My finished product! I am very happy with it, I might even make one for my daughter. I think I will use fishing line next time and see if I like it better without the visible string. 

So now it is time for you to head to the hardware store, select your favorite shades, 
and get to creating! Let me know how it goes, and please comment with any questions.
Happy Crafting!

Written by Happily Domestic Contributor - Jodi Faye

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Karen said...

That is really cool! What a great frugal way to dress up the baby's nursery.

CupcakeLiz said...

Very cute!!! I did something similar to make decorations for my daughter's birthday party last year. I used dbl sided card stock I had on hand and sewed through the middle of the circles and hung them up with some invisible tape. Super cute, and I got more compliments on the decorations than the strawberry filled cake....lol :)

Linda Trinklein said...

I love this Jodi! I was actually thinking about making garland for Jolie's birthday party from paint chips (I have plenty from my days at Home Depot!).
Now if only I live closer and could borrow your hole punch ;)

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