Tuesday, May 8, 2012

He's Here! - Jodi's Birth Story

I woke up the morning of April 1st with cramps and nausea around 4am and went running to the bathroom. I will leave out all the details of what happened in there, but I felt like I had a bad stomach bug. I went back to bed and started feeling contractions. I grabbed my iPhone and finally got to use the contraction timing app that I had downloaded months before. Oh boy, they were about 3-4 minutes apart and lasted around a minute or so. It was 12 days before my due date, since my other four babies were either late or on their due date I was not prepared for an early arrival. After about 30 minutes of lying on my side they were continuing to get more uncomfortable so I decided it was time to wake the hubby. 

I called my parents and told them it was time for them to head over so my dad could watch the kiddos and my mom could come to the hospital with me. It was April 1st after all, so they hesitated and wanted to make sure this wasn’t an elaborate prank. I started to gather my things and had to make several trips back to the toilet, I was really starting to feel miserable. My boys heard the commotion and came running downstairs. They were so excited to find out that they might be meeting their little brother later that day. My hubby thought it would be funny if they went running out on the porch when my parents arrived and shouted “April fools!” When my folks pulled up in the driveway I b-lined it for the car and found no time for such jokes. “Let’s go” I said. I was just sure that with how uncomfortable I was, there would be a baby arriving very soon.

We arrived at the hospital and went upstairs to labor and delivery. It was around 6am and I was surprised when the nurse at the desk asked if I was there for an induction. “Nope, just in labor” I replied. It made me wonder how many moms they have arrive that have gone into labor on their own. We were quickly escorted into room 618, the same room I had delivered my daughter in 2 years before. I was given a gown and when I asked if I could wear my own they suggested I wear theirs “for now.” I was frustrated with this at the time, but it ended up being a good thing. I spent some time in the bathroom before getting into the bed for monitoring. While the student nurse ( more about her later) tried to position the monitors correctly on my baby bump I said “oh no, I am going to pass out” and next thing I know I wake up and am vomiting all over my gown and hair. The student nurse scrambles to get a barf bag and holds it under my chin. I was very disoriented and confused about what was happening. I hear talk about low blood pressure, but all I want is something to clean the vomit out of my hair. My mom helps to get me cleaned up and puts my hair up into a ponytail. Thank goodness I was wearing an old faded hospital gown, because man did it reek.

I continued this pass out and vomit on myself routine a few more times and the concern grew among those in the room. My doctor was not in the hospital and the on call doc came in to check on me, she was very nice. She didn’t think I was actually in labor, but thought it was just a stomach virus and prescribed fluids and anti-nausea medication. It was then that the student nurse got a lesson in dosage from the sweet nurse that was training her. “If she needs 6ml and each bottle has 2ml how much will you need?” I was feeling awful and have not had any formal training but I could answer for her. I just laughed and looked at my mom with an “is this really happening” look on my face. I joked with my hubby about a hilarious YouTube video that we had just seen with a similar situation here. If you don’t laugh you’ll cry, right?! The student nurse started to get my arm ready for an IV when I looked at my mom with worried eyes. The nurse who was training her decided that since I have difficult veins and had been through a rough enough morning it was time to call in the “secret weapon.” This turned out to be a very experienced nurse who inserted the IV very smoothly, whew! I was given Zofran and fluids followed by a dose of Phenergan which knocked me out.  Although this did help with my nausea it made me feel very dopey. They were thinking I would be going home when I felt better, but the contractions kept coming. My blood pressure and the baby’s dropping heart rate were concerning, so they called in for an EKG. “Oh man, that is going to be expensive” I told my husband. In my hazy condition I could still see a big bill arriving in my mailbox. It turned out to be normal, ka-ching. 

I needed to make another trip to the bathroom to relieve myself and get a new gown, I required some assistance with all the tubes and bags I was hooked up to. Student nurse to the rescue! She helped me into the bathroom told me to lean over, and “bonk!” I banged my forehead on a shelf that was right in front of me. She stared at me and said “ouch, are you okay?!” The throbbing continued as I finally made my way to the toilet and asked her to leave. She turned out the light and shut the door. Really. “Umm, hello?” She opened the door and looked at me with a puzzled expression. I asked if she could switch the light back and with a giggle she said “oops” and flipped the switch. I am all about education and realize that everyone has to start somewhere, but I am afraid this may not be best career choice for her.

My contractions were getting stronger and all I wanted was an empty, quiet room so I could relax and focus on my breathing. I was trying to remember some of the hypnobirthing techniques that I had read about and pictured my body doing its job, pushing that baby’s head against the cervix. I pictured things opening and moving downward and said positive, affirming thoughts to myself. If you would have told me that I would be doing this a few weeks ago I would have laughed at you, to be honest I was skeptical about the hypnobirthing method. It was very helpful and made me feel in control of my body. That was until my water broke around 3:30pm. It was then that I panicked. With my daughter’s birth 2 years ago as soon as my water broke it threw me into the transition phase and I felt like I was going to lose my mind. My doctor had left the hospital that night and said he would be “right back.” He almost didn’t make it. As much as I had tried to prepare myself for that again I could not handle the thought of it. There I was in the same room, same bed, and what felt like the same situation. My doctor was not there, and the anesthesiologist was busy helping another mama down the hall and the nurses were not sure when he would make it my way. I continued my Lamaze breathing that had helped me 10 years ago with my first birth. I found a focal point on the wall, the word “spot” on a sign, and stayed calm. 

You could almost hear the angel’s chorus as two of my favorite men walked into the room within minutes of each other. First the anesthesiologist, he talked me through the epidural process as I continued my breathing through the painful contractions. Within a few minutes I was laying comfortably in the bed brainstorming with him and my doc about baby names, since we had yet to commit to one. It went from painful labor to a party in my room, complete with sprite and cranberry spritzers. Doc got on to Google to show me an article about a Swedish family that named their child Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 in protest of the naming law their country enforced. My student nurse tried to insert a catheter at one point but failed; thank goodness her observing nurse stepped in and took care of things.  

As time passed I began to feel pressure and at around 5:30 they prepped the room for the arrival of our little no name boy. Doc sat at the edge of my bed and hubby and nurse grabbed my legs. It took two pushes and at 5:50pm baby number five entered the world and doc let his daddy deliver him out and onto my chest. The most beautiful cry came out of his lungs and I was tearfully staring into the big blue-grey eyes of my sweet son.

Daddy cut the cord and we were yet again amazed as doc showed us the placenta and sac, my son’s home for the past nine months. Nothing less than a miracle, you cannot even begin to convince me that this was not all created by an amazing God. I enjoy a good amount of skin to skin time with my son before we decide it’s time to find out how much he weighs and get him cleaned up a bit. Weighing in at 6 pound 10 ounces and 19 inches long, he is just perfect.  

We are blessed beyond words and I am very proud to say that I am now the mama of 5 amazing kids. He is such a sweet baby with a mellow disposition. He is gaining weight like a champ and at just over a month starting to show me more adorable expressions with his big blue eyes and dimpled cheeks. Thank you God for this gift from above!

Written by Happily Domestic Contributor - Jodi Faye

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Chari said...

Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like a wild ride ;-) So what is the conclusion....do you think you really had a stomach virus that sent you into labor or this was just part of your labor this time?

Handsome little guy. Congrats!!

Jodi Faye said...

Thank you! Well, I had him on Sunday and had two sick big brothers on Friday...so I am thinking it was a virus :(

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