Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little E's 4th Birthday- Celebrating Cowboy Style!

On April 11th my adorable son Little E turned 4.  He was very excited to have a "cowboy birthday" this year.  At our house we do birthday parties with friends every other year.  This was E's off year and a family affair it was. When my husband got home from work my dad came over and we let E open his gifts first. Afterward, we headed out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse, followed by cowboy cake back home. Fun! 

My boys were so stinking adorable in their cowboy garb!  Thought I would share the photos from his big day...

He really was excited about this puzzle believe it or not!

Pirate Color Book

Reading birthday cards

Gift from Papa
(I love the excitement on my daughter's face, she never lacks emotion that is for sure!)

Little brother trying to snatch away new guns!

Brothers helping open the big gift

Little Tikes BBQ grill from Mom & Dad

Sissy wrote E a book and was reading it to him.
So cute!

The book

J snugglin with Papa (my dad)

Stick em' up!

You can't tell by this picture, but E was dancing with the guns to
 the country music being played at the restaurant.  

Watch out big brother!

The Happy Birthday Song

He was a little unsure what to think

Feeling bashful

Handsome cowboys!


Little "E" LOVED the horse!

Having fun

Not having fun.... J boy was quite scared!



Lovin on mommy

 The Cake
(Banana Split Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen)

 I love this picture!

 Making a wish

  Happy Birthday my sweet boy!  

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The Kuglers said...

I love that idea Bethanne ... Micah and Riah's birthdays was 17 days apart so that would work out very nicely for them.. on the party year do they just get the friend party and not the extra dinner out and cake?

Chari said...

Really cute!!

HappilyDomestic said...

Carly- No, on the birthday party (with friends) year they get the whole, cake (with the party) and dinner out (because usually the party isn't on their exact birthday). I also make them a special birthday breakfast no matter which party year it is. :-) We use to have parties every year, but now with 4 this is a LOT less stress and more affordable as well. The kids don't mind and actually enjoy the family time just as much. We still make it special.

Sarah J. said...

Those are some adorable pictures, Beth! I think the last one is my favorite. I love DQ cakes! :)

Terra H. said...

Looks like he had a wonderful birthday party! The cake is very cute.

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