Friday, May 18, 2012

My Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash

After the horrible experience I had using disposable diapers during the newborn stage with my last baby, I have decided this new baby will be cloth diapered right from the start.  As soon as we get home from the hospital anyway.  What happened that was so horrible you ask?  Well, they leaked BIG TIME!  We would barely get a diaper on him and his whole back side of his clothes would be soaked.  Here I thought I would save time and not have so much laundry and ended up having more laundry than if I had just used cloth diapers.  I did end up switching Baby J to cloth by 2 weeks.

Knowing I would use cloth right away, I have been slowly adding to my newborn stash over the past 9 months.  Here is what I will be using.... 

 Left to Right: 

  • Orange and Blue Oh Katy, these are OS pockets, but snap down smaller than most.  I am hoping they will work on a newborn.  These were a hand me down from a friend. 
  • Under the Oh Katy is a yellow Haute Pocket.  I use to have almost an entire stash of Haute Pocket diapers, but most delaminated.  I only have maybe 4 or 5 left.  These do fit well on babies at around 2 weeks.
  • Monster Diaper made my me using Babyville Boutique PUL, hook & loop tape and an old receiving blanket.  Time will tell how well this fits and functions. :-)
  • All the baby blue and the peach colored diapers are Kawaii Baby Pure & Naturals.  These are    a pocket 2 size diaper that fits from newborn up to about 15 pounds.  I love how small they get and I do not mind hook & loop during the newborn stage.  It makes for easier diaper changes during those sleepy nights.
  • The third row of whites are also the Kawaii Pure and Natural.
  • Fourth Row- the two diapers at the top (with the circles) and the periwinkle blue are all Blueberry AIO diapers.  I got these on clearance when Little E was a baby.  They work well.
  • Under the Blueberry AIOs is a Grovia OS AIO.  I bought this on sale too, but was disappointed with how tiny it was.  That is why it is now in my newborn stash. ;-) 
  • Under the Grovia is a Preston's Pants newborn pocket.  This is a new one and I am excited to try it.  I love Preston's Pants cloth diapers, I am sure I won't be disappointed. 
  • Fifth Row- Top white diaper is actually a Real Nappies newborn cover and will be used with newborn prefold diapers. I used this with Baby J and it worked good and fit great.  
  • Next is a Bummis newborn cover.  With my last baby I reviewed the Bummis Organic Diaper Kit  and really liked it.  The organic prefolds are very soft and absorbent and the covers fit great on a newborn.
  • Under the Bummis is a Thirsties Duo Wrap.  This cover runs small, but snaps down tiny and ends up being as small as any of the other newborn covers I own.
  • Under the Thirsties cover is a Kissaluvs Organic Bamboo fitted.  This is a new one as well.  Not sure how well it functions yet. 
  • Last row- Dark blue diaper is a Kawaii Baby OS cover (snaps down real small) and 2 more of the Bummis.

I figure I have enough diapers here for about 35-40 diaper changes (since some of them are covers and prefolds).

Have you cloth diapered a newborn?  Tell me about your experience!  Which were your favorite diapers to use?

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Mama Chocolate said...

I've mostly used Thirsties covers and prefolds for my newborns, but I really loved the Bummis TiniFit too!

Miss LaMonte said...

We have tried Flip, gDiapers, BumGenuis 4.0, kissaluvs hemp, and Kushies. The Kushies are my face AIO but the BumGenuis are a close 2nd!

Jeniffer Smith said...

I used Thirsties Duo Covers and Dappi covers with flats, but I didn't cloth diaper full time until around 4 months. I also have a discontinued Swaddlebees pocket in their small size that worked great as my daughter's first cloth diaper. :)

Sarah J. said...

Yay for starting cloth ASAP! I know everyone isn't as crazy as I was to start in the hospital. I love newborn fluff. :)
I loved the duo wrap and pinned prefolds with a newborn! Just FYI, the duo wrap actually runs quite a bit bigger than the size 1 duo diaper, which surprised me. I figured they would be closer to the same size. We had a froggie pond Bummis in our newborn stash too.
I also used the kissa size 0s. They were awesome for a December baby because I could use them under fleece jammies without a cover! That was my nighttime solution. ;)
My favorite newborn diapers were AppleCheeks. I got most of them when they were on Baby Half Off or BabySteals, so I got them for a good deal. They are on loan to a friend trying cloth for the first time and then are promised out to my cousin who will be cloth diapering twins in September! :)

HappilyDomestic said...

Thanks for sharing ladies! It's fun to see what every one else uses. :-)

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