Sunday, May 6, 2012

Simple Mother's Day Craft Kids Can Make!

With the coming of spring comes the fast approach of several holidays that "require" gifts to be made, cards to given, and love to be shared. So this year I went hunting for a craft to make for my mother, but also one that you could use as a gift to help a child make for his or her mother. And this is what I decided on.

The inside of this nifty list/coupon organizer.

All you need is an empty dvd or cd case and some pretty paper and decorations and I piece of thin cardboard. I used some scrapbooking paper, buttons, and markers to make mine.

This is the paper and buttons I used for the front cover.

But you could also let a child color a picture and use it for the cover.

Once you design your cover slide it in behind the plastic sleeve of the case.

The front covered finished.
After you finish decorating the outside use the cardboard to cover the now empty circle and then cover the cardboard with more pretty paper or artwork.

I used these 3-D glue dots to hold the cardboard over the circle.

Slide some notebook paper under the clips if your case has them and add a pocket for coupons if you choose.

I put a pocket for coupons in the one I made.

And this will be a quick and easy, and yet useful, gift for any woman on your Mother's Day list.
Enjoy, and Happy Mother's Day!!

Written by Happily Domestic Contributor- Amanda Sikes

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