Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boosting Your Family's Immune System

You might have read, seen, or heard that my family has had one of the sickest years so far this year in all 10 years that my husband and I have been married. We have had RSV, a hospitalization, ear infections, seven cases of strep, double pnuemonia, and a round of the stomach flu (twice). When I say sick, I mean SICK!!!

IV marks left from an ER trip

I set out on a mission to get us back on the right track. I have asked friends, read articles, and talked with my pediatrician about natural ways to help boost my family's immune system to help derail this train of illnesses. And I wanted to share my findings with you all today.
  1.  Garlic - Cooking with fresh garlic, not canned minced garlic or garlic salt, but the kind fresh off the bulb. I try to use it in at least one dish a day.
  2. Probiotics - My children and my husband and I both for that matter do not like the new probiotic yogurts that are on the market but I have found a whole slew of probiotic options!! They come in every shape and form from drops for infants and toddlers to chewables and pills for older children and adults. The chewables and drops that we have tried have been super easy for the kids to take. Chewables were yummy and drops were tasteless.
  3. Throw out the sanitizer - While I do keep some in my car we don't use these products anymore. They tend to kill the good bacteria along with the bad germs. So then if you forget to use it or come into contact with germs, you don't have the good bacteria to help fight them off. So it is good old soap and water around here for the most part.
  4. Get Outside - A lack of vitamin D can wreak havic on your immune system. And when your children have been sick they tend to be indoors more and get less sunshine. So, even if your children are sick get them outside for some fresh air and sunshine.
  5. Lemon Juice - Using lemon juice in the ear for an ear infection can take away the infection. I just use two to four drops in the hurting ear every couple of hours and within the first 24 hours there is improvement and within 48 the infection is usually gone. I have an otoscope and I have seen the infection improve and go away with this treatment on my children.
Hospital bracelet 

I am actively using all of these options and I must admit that we are quickly approaching our longest stretch of health in the past 7 months. I can't tell you which one or any of these things are working but they obviously are not hurting either.

I hope that you are encouraged to seek out different ways to treat your family's illnesses other than just running to the doctor each and every time that they are sick.

Written by Happily Domestic contributor - Amanda Sikes

I am not a doctor and every one's needs are different. If you have any concerns about you or your children's health please call their doctor.
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tamela said...

Great that you shared, especially about the Lemon Juice, now I know...
Have a most blessed day

Trish and Rob said...

Great stuff, we are all mostly healthy, my kids have never had ear infections, but I had also heard that rubbing alcohol would help prevent an ear infection if you use it after baths.
I truly believe in the vitamin D in fact I read that you really can't get too much of it, so I give my kids the chewable kind when ever they want it and 2 or 3 at a time. We also use essential oils, a little rub of lavendar on the feet before bed helps them sleep and boosts their immunity. It helped me with restless legs when I was pregnant too.

Lori said...

I have a cold right this minute, but it is rare that we get sick and it goes away quickly. Here are some of our immune boostin tricks. They work GREAT!

1. Thieves oil on the bottom of the feet and palms. Before we go out and about.
2. Homemade cleaners (leftover orange, lemmon or lime peals soaked in vinager for several days. Then that solution mixed with equal amount of distilled water and 10 drops of clove oil)
3. Chicken soup made with healthy vege fed chicken and organic veges.
4. Sambucol AMAZING at stopping a virus in it's tracks
5. EmergenC
6. Lots of raw veges
7. washing the sheets and pillowslips once a week.
8. Our favorite immune tincture
is Kick A** Immune for adults and Kick It Immune for kids...this stuff ROCKS!
Took one dose today so far, already feel a difference.
Hope you all are better soon!

Tiffany Green said...

blimey I knew I should have bought that garlic supplement it boost my immune system I need to buy a probiotic as mine is running out and I am taking Fish oil with D3 I had to break down and get antibiotics.. I should get echinchea asap.. as well..

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