Friday, June 15, 2012

Homemade Swiffer Duster Tutorial

If you are like me, I love the ease of the newer commerical cleaning products but I don't like that I have to keep buying them over and over again. So, late last year when I found THIS tutorial on how to make washable reuseable Swiffer dusters I was sooooooo excited!!!! So, today I am sharing a pictoral tutorial on how to make this amazing cleaning product.

Four Squares of Felt

First you will need to cut four squares of felt (I normally like a fun print or pattern to make it pretty and fun but all I had this time was blue.) Cut two squares 8in X 8in and two squares 4in X 6in.

Sew one large and one small together.
The next step is to, with one straight line down the center, sew each large square to a small square.

Make a pocket for the handle.
 Now you will sew a pocket for the handle to slide into. The pocket needs to be roughly 1 1/4in by 6in long. These measurments don't have to be perfect and the ink will wash out. You can see my "line" on this project. Just remember to fold the small square out of the way. The pocket seam should only be sewing the two large squares together.

See how the two small squares are still loose? Don't sew them down when you make the pocket.

Now the easy part!! Not like the other parts were hard, huh?

Just like you would cut fringe cut little slivers (the thinner they are the better they grab the dust and get into cracks). Make sure to cut all four layers.

Finished Product
And now you can have the "convenience" of a swiffer duster without the recurring expense!! I hope you find this useful!!

Written by Happily Domestic Contributor - Amanda Sikes

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Erin said...

I thought that looked familiar! I love mine. I don't have a swiffer, but the one you made me for christmas is all I use for dusting!

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