Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Baby's First Cloth Diaper!

My plans were to use cloth diapers with Baby "N" right from the start.  Since we ended up having to stay a full week at the hospital, I didn't get to use my cloth until day 10.  We have used what little bit of disposable diapers we had and now are fully using cloth.  The newborn Bummis covers and prefolds fit him best.  This is what he is wearing below.

 Haha!  Check out those kissy lips!

 Bummis frog pond cover over an organic cotton prefold diaper

Cloth diapering never looked so cute!


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Chari said...

awww so cute!! love first fluff pics! looks like it fits really well too and not bulky for a prefold/cover combo!

Amanda Sikes said...

Love some cute diapers on a super cute baby!! He is so sweet!

Sarah J. said...

What a cutie! The Bummis froggy pond was also one of both of my boys' first cloth diapers. :)

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