Monday, July 2, 2012

Fireless Sparlers - A Craft Project

The other day my children asked, as we drove by one of the countless fireworks stands, if we could stop and buy some. I explained to them that fireworks cost quite a bit of money and don't last very long and those were just a few reasons that several years ago their daddy and I decided we would no longer buy fireworks. But I still wanted the children to be able to enjoy the holiday so after hearing one of my daughters talk about doing sparklers at a recent camping trip with my parents I had an idea.

And thus was born the "Fireless Sparkler" ..............

Fireless Sparklers

These are soooooo very easy to make and yet my children had a blast setting them up and pretending even that they were big fireworks. They would all sit around in their little patio chairs and one would throw them up into the air and yell BOOM! Oh the simple joys of childhood.

Here are the five simple steps to create some fun, safe, frugal fireworks.

1. Cut the pointy end off of a shish kabob. You could also use doll rods, but I had some kabob sticks left over and they were super easy to break the tip off of so that is what I use. I used cotton balls to cover the end of the "sparklers" for the little guys. I felt like it made them a little safer.

The kabobs were the perfect length.

The end covered with cotton

2. Make a yarn pom pom. We just wrapped yarn around our fingers, cut the loop into strings and tied a string around the middle of the bunch. If you tie the string tight around the bunch and then shake to fluff it will make a perfect pom pom. We made some short, some thick, some thin, and some long. It doesn't matter.

Remove the yarn from your fingers, cut them into strings and then tie the middle
with another piece of yarn.

3. Stick the end of your stick through the string that is holding your pom pom together. Keep the pom pom on the very end of the stick where you can't see the end of your stick. As long as you tie your pom pom tight enough it won't slip off. If your "sparkles" keep falling off tie your pom pom with another string and make it really tight. And, you have made a sparkler!!

I hope you enjoy!!

Written by Happily Domestic contributor - Amanda Sikes

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