Friday, July 20, 2012

Puff Paint Pictures

Summer is in full swing here and it is HOT outside. We have been over 100 degrees many days in the past two weeks. And while we still play outside almost every morning and evening, swim, run through the sprinkler and other fun "summer" things, truth is, sometimes you just need a fun indoor activity to help beat the summer heat.

Painting with our Puff Paint

Takes a lot of concentration to create a masterpiece worthy of the fridge!
 So, the other afternoon as I cleaned up lunch, then mixed up a double batch of Puff Paint.

A finished piece.
 It is a mixture of
1 part self - rising flour (If you are like me and don't have any on hand make your own.)
1 part salt
water to make a thin paste (about the consistancy of poster paint)

Don't you love the three year old "smile for the picture"
 For our batch I did
3 Tbsp self - rising flour
3 Tbsp salt
and then added water to make it "paintable"

I mixed up the colors that my children choose with the food coloring I had on hand. I tried it with both liquid food coloring and gel to make sure they both worked and I could tell no difference.

Her finished product!!!
After the children were done we microwaved their paintings for about 15 seconds. The time can vary from 10-30 seconds so just watch for the paint to appear dry and "cooked".

Watching the magic!!

Once the painting has "cooked" the paint will puff to reveal an amazing 3D piece of art. It was great!!

See the "puff"?
The cardboard shown here is great for this project but we have also used plain paper and it is fine as well. So, grab some paper and mix some paint and beat the heat with this summer treat!! 

Written by Happily Domestic contributor - Amanda Sikes

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Anonymous said...

What fun! I will try this with my son. Thanks for the idea. -Darcy

bookworm0709 said...

Is there an alternative to the microwave? Can you "bake" it in the oven? We don't own a microwave (and haven't for several years!)

Amanda Sikes said...

I'm sure that the oven would work. I would guess that 150 or 200 would work. Just bake until it puffs and is dry.

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