Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- American Girl Movie Night!

A little less than 2 weeks ago, American Girl premiered a new movie on NBC, "McKenna Shoot for the Stars".  This movie is based off the 2012 girl of the year doll.  For the occasion my daughter and I decided to host a little doll party. She invited a few of her good friends and asked them to bring their dolls.  They made their own doll salon and styled hair as they enjoyed the show.  We also ate popcorn, finger foods and drank iced tea.  And although the movie was not as good as some of the other American Girl movies, it was still a fun little get together.

 Putting curlers in Kit's hair.

 My daughter

 The Doll Salon

The whole gang, minus my friend Lori who took the picture

Me and Baby "N" getting snuggly on the couch

Good Times!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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