Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of Homeschool 2012

This past Monday, August 27th was the first day of our homeschool year. Last Sunday I spent the day cleaning and getting my school room all set up for the new year.  Looks about the same as it it did last year, but we added a new shelf on the wall above my teachers desk and a few new behavior charts.  Thought I would share some up to date pictures of the room as well as the pictures of my two children on their first day.

This is my side of the room.  I love having my own teachers desk.  I got this free at a yard sale a couple years back and re-painted it and gave it new drawer pulls.  You can see how it use to look here. FYI- my daughter's desk (to the right of mine) is where I do my blogging. :-)

My children's desks.  My 5th and 6th grader are at the big desks and my 2 preschool boys at the little desks (although they mainly only sit there to color).

Another view which includes our bookshelf.  Spot an cloth diapers?  I have my girl diapers on the shelf because I need to either sell them or give them as baby shower gifts (since I do not have a baby girl). This school room is in a 10x10 bedroom by the way.

 Mr.C -12 years old
6th grade

Miss I- 10 years old
5th grade

To see what we are doing this year for school and the full list of curriculum we are using, go to this post.

How did your first day (or week) of homeschool go?  Care to share? Leave a link to your homeschool post in the comments and I will stop by and check it out.
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MJ @ Creative Madness Mama said...

We just blogged our first day of school yesterday and put up an interview today. We're just getting started but I think we're all excited on this journey. She's only a "preschooler" and says her favorite activity is school work. :)

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