Thursday, August 16, 2012

Girls' Hairbow DIY Tutorial

Have you ever looked longingly at an online store that specializes in hair bows for your little girl? Ever thought about which outfit that one would match and what style would look best with her favorite dress? And if you are like me, then you come to your senses and realize that spending $5-$8 on one hairbow that might or better yet probably will be lost within the first month or two just isn't the wisest purchase to make. Well, now you can start on a journey to making your own bows. There are many styles out there but the one I choose for today is a very basic beginner bow that can be made by anyone!!

Here is all that you need -

1 - 3 colors of ribbon (you can use any width but I wouldn't go any higher than 5/8th until you practice a little) (don't cut this until your bow is complete)
Thread (cut a length about 3 arm widths long)
Metal Hair clip (can be found at any craft store)

And now we will get started. First thing is to layer your ribbon pieces and "hem" the end. Just fold all the layers under and put a few stitches in wtih your needle to hide the end.

Now, lay the ribbon over the hair clip and, using the hole in the clip sew the ribbon to the clip.

See the holes? This is where you will attach the ribbon to the clip.

This next step is easier if you take your needle off. You will be making the loops now. These loops can be BIG and LOOSE or they can be tiny and tight. Just make them to match your needs, desires, and likes. You will be making a loop and then wrapping the thread around and around to hold the loop to the size you want it. Pull the thread as tight as you can get it. Once you have the loop as you like and the thread is wrapped several time, move on to the next loop. And continue this process all the way to the end of the hair clip.
The bottom of the clip now looks like this....

To finish your hairbow you will want to now cut your ribbon off of the spool but leave enough so that you can turn it under for a finished look like we did the other end. But this time you will just turn it under and lay it on the end of the clip. Again, use the hole in the end of the clip and secure the ribbon to the clip.

And now, your bow should look something like this. Don't forget to seperate and "fluff" your ribbon. Your bow will look much nicer after you do this. At this point, if you feel that you need a little more stability to your loops you can add a line of hot glue to the under side of the clip.

And the wonderful thing about this project is that if you don't like the way it looks you just cut the thread and try again. The ribbon is still good. The ribbon at times can be slippery and the clip is skiny so be patient with it. Just think about the smile that your little girl will give you when you show her the new bow!!!

My Samantha "Modeling" her new bow.
These make great gifts!!

Written by Happily Domestic contributor- Amanda Sikes

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