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Our 2012-13 Homeschool Curriculum

 This year my 12 year old son is going into 6th grade and my 10 daughter in 5th.  This year marks our 6th year of homeschooling.  Years ago I probably would have laughed had someone told me I would be homeschooling my future children.  However, here I am and I can actually say I wouldn't have it any other way.  Even with it's struggles, I know it is the best thing for my children.  I am privileged to live in a country where homeschooling is legal.  It has been a wonderful experience for me to be my children's teacher.  I love spending my days with my children and am so glad I am not missing any part of their lives.  These childhood years go by so fast, I don't want to miss a thing!

This is SOME of our curriculum for this year

One of my most favorite parts of homeschooling is picking out what I will teach for the year....oh, and the shopping of course!  I LOVE buying school curriculum and supplies.  I love when the packages start rolling in.  It is like Christmas everyday!  One of my most favorite places to shop for curriculum is  .  They have a great selection, the best prices and usually you can get free shipping during the late summer months.  I buy the bulk of my curriculum from them.  I also like to shop from Amazon and Love to Learn.  This year I also ordered from Doorposts, Pearables, Educational Insights and Woodwind and Brasswind.

Here is what I have planned for this school year:


My children love the Teaching Textbooks Math and I love that it is something they can do independently.  This is our 3rd year using this math curriculum and I couldn't be more pleased.  The Hooked on Math and Hot Dots are for my daughter who needs a little extra help.  She struggles with Math and these 2 give some some fun hands on activities.

My son's 6th grade curriculum 

Language Arts

Last year we used Switched on Schoolhouse for our Language Arts.  It was okay and had it's good aspects for sure, but I did not like how I didn't know what my children were learning.  I found it hard to help them when they needed help. This year I am going back to workbooks as I have to grade their work and will be fully aware of what they are learning each day.  We have used School of Tomorrow paces numerous times before, but the others are new for this year.

History & Geography

I am real excited about using the Drive Thru America History this year.  If you haven't seen it yet, it is lessons on DVD that are totally entertaining for kids.  After each video segment, students answer problems in a workbook and we have a discussion time.  I have looking forward to when my kids were old enough to use this curriculum and now they finally are! Yay!
The Map Skills for Today are simple workbooks that teach a wide range of geography skills. These are simple enough to integrate in our school day without any prep work on my part.  We also will be playing several geography games throughout the year as well.


I love the format of the Apologia Science.  Very easy for me to teach and the kids each have fun science projects to do, mini-books to put together, and numerous word searches and activity pages in their workbooks.  We actually started this Astronomy course a couple years ago but never completed it.  We will this year! Nutrition 101: Choose Life! is a new curriculum I found that is AWESOME for teaching your children about the human body and it's functions.  On top of covering the bodies functions, children learn all about nutrition and health.  They get to cook all sorts  of good for you recipes.  I can't wait to get started on this.  By the way- I will be reviewing this curriculum here soon.  So, more later!

Gathering Drum

Piano Lessons, Meet the Great Composers, Family Rhythm Class

My children have taken piano lessons for several years now and will continue this year.  On top of piano I wanted my children to learn about composers.  I found a great curriculum called "Meet the Great Composers".  My kids will learn about numerous composers, their lives and their music.  They will have a worksheet to complete after each lesson and get to listen to music from each composer.  I also wanted to get my little ones involved in music this year.  I purchased a TON of rhythm instruments including a big gathering drum.  I also bought several books and cds put out by Lynn Kleiner that teach songs to sing while using instruments and give hand motions to the songs as well as activities and crafts to go along with the music.  We plan to do a family music class with some friends.  We use to do Music Together with E & J when they were babies and really enjoyed  it, but it was real expensive and I had a run in with the teacher that wasn't so good.  I have a lot of their cds though and really like the music.

Our box of rhythm instruments 

Home Economics 

This subject will mainly be for my daughter.  Last year we started sewing using the Modesty Matters curriculum and got to the first sewing project.  This year we will finish the rest of the course.  We will also be doing lots of cooking with out Nutrition 101 course and will be doing projects out of the Home Economics for Girls curriculum.

My daughter's 5th grade curriculum

Bible/Character Building 
Character Foundations Curriculum (Willing to Wait), Pearables Personal Help (for boys & girls), Polished Cornerstones, Proverbs

These two curriculum teach a wide variety of character building topics such as wisdom, obedience,  responsibility, courage, meekness, diligence, honesty, self-control, forgiveness, tolerance, resourcefulness, manners, patience, etc.  Good stuff! The Willing to Wait book we will do together with both my son and daughter and the Personal Help books I will teach one on one with each of my older kids. For my daughter I will also be doing some of the studies out of the Polished Cornerstone's book.  We will be doing the "Beauty and the Pig" study and making the doll that goes with that study.  We will also be doing the Proverbs 31 study and making the Ruby doll and family. We will also read one Proverb from the Bible each morning at breakfast as a group.


For physical education this year we plan to lots of roller skating, swimming, hiking, climbing walls, etc.  My 3 oldest children are taking swim lessons twice a week at a local indoor swimming pool.

Extra Curricular

My kids take part in homeschool coop on Tuesdays.  C & I will be taking a drawing class as well as a class called "Coordination Station".  This class is to improve brain function.  "C" will also be taking photography and "I" will be taking an American Girl history class.  Little E will take a preschool art class, movement class, and a craft & storytime class.


 E & J will be attending preschool on Mon. & Wed. mornings at a local Lutheran Christian Preschool.  When at home they will be using the Hot Dots Jr. preschool sets, Preschool Activities in a Bag (gallon size zip lock bags with projects), various work sheets, color sheets, lots of book reading, and the family rhythm music class I talked about.

Whew!  It's going to be one busy school year, especially with having a new baby.  What do you have planned for this school year?  I would love to hear about it (or leave a link to your own homeschool curriculum post).

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Thank you for sharing!! I love seeing what other's are teaching. No better way to find out about something new than to talk to someone that has used it before.

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