Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Snack Creations.

The kids are home all day long. The heat is unbearable outside every day. And yet everyone still has to eat. And there are not just meals to think about. What about snacks for the children every afternoon? They are playing hard. They need fuel not junk. And they get tired of the same old thing all the time. So here is a list of some summer snack creations that are simple to make, keep the house cool, and will add some variety to your snacking options.

1. Frozen Yogurt Drops - Buy your favorite yogurt, pour it into a ziploc bag, and snip just the tip of it off. Drop the yogurt in little dots onto a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Freeze until hard. These are great for all ages from begining eaters to older children and even adults.

Yogurt Drops ready to go into the freezer. It only takes about 30min for them to be ready!

2. Homemade popsicles - Whether you use Kool-Aid, fruit juice, or even chunks of fresh fruit everyone loves popsicles.

For these popsicles I just made a batch of lemonade (pretty strong).
My kids said they were the best. Better than the store bought ones!!

3. Homemade Trail Mix - Tailor it to your families likings and allergy needs. Our favorite items are craisins, raisins, cheerios, peanuts, cheese crackers, mini vanilla wafers, and even beef jerky pieces.

4. "Candied" Grapes - This is just like candy!!! But it is a fruit!! Wash your grapes and shake off water. Then add about 2 cups of grapes into a ziploc bag and shake with 1/8-1/4 cup sugar. Dump the coated grapes onto a shallow baking pan that will fit in your freezer. Let them air dry for a few mintues to allow the sugar to stick better. Than freeze for about 2 hours. And enjoy!

Washed, coated in sugar, and ready to freeze.
Just an FYI - My kids asked me to leave off the sugar next time. they were too sweet.
So maybe just wash and freeze them!!

What are some fun cool treats that you and your children enjoy during the summer? Do you have any easy fun recipes that you would love to share with me? Leave me a comment so that we can all share ideas.

Summer snacks are always more fun with friends!!

Written by Happily Domestic Contributor- Amanda Sikes
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Vicki said...

What beautiful children!

Darleen said...

I have tried the grapes without s=the sugar before and they are delicious!

Amy Matthews said...

We love the yougart drops!

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