Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to Start Freezer Cooking

Have you ever heard the term "freezer cooking"? Well, this month I plan to share the in's and out's of freezer cooking. Or at least how I freezer cook. I have come to realize that there are as many ways to freezer cook as there are cooks that do it. But, here are the first steps in freezer cooking.

First we will be gathering supplies. There are three main tools that I use when I freezer cook.

  • zipper top freezer bags (quart size and gallon)
  • freezer containers (I use several brands I have some Tupperware, some Gladware, and some Ziplock containers)
  • a permanent marker
Once you have a good stash of these needed supplies you are ready to start your game plan. I have found there to be two main ways to put up freezer meals. The first is to prepare extra food that is cooked and ready to heat and eat. Once the food is ready you put it into a freezer friendly container and it is ready to use whenever needed.

The other way that some people freezer cook is to freeze raw ingredients in zipper top bags so that they are ready for the crockpot, the grill, or the stovetop. I don't do a lot of this method of freezer cooking actually. I have been reading up on it and plan to start doing more but at this time I do mostly the prepare, cook, freeze, and use method.

If you choose to do the cook, freeze, reheat method of freezer cooking you will have two options by which to accomplish your goal of a stocked freezer. You can choose a day and do tons and tons of chopping, cooking, labeling, and freezing and end the day with a full freezer and a huge sense of accomplishment. But if you are like me, it is hard to find a full day to devote to only cooking. So I tend to be a "one meal at a time" freezer cooking kind of gal.

And by this I mean that when I am making pancakes I will make three times more than I need and freeze all of the left overs. Or if I am making tacos one night instead of making just the two pounds of meat that my family needs I will make four pounds and freeze a meal worth of taco meat that night. I find that if I do this one a regular basis (two-three times a week) I almost always have a couple of options from which to choose in my freezer. And I love this.

At times I use these meals for quick lunches or dinners on those days when I loose track of time and need something quick. I love to be able to pull a meal out of the freezer that takes less than 30 minutes to put on the table. Since it came out of the freezer my family thinks it is a great meal that took forever to prepare!

The first steps to freezer cooking are gathering supplies, choosing your method, and then comes the cooking!! Next time I will have recipes, pictures, and freezing tips to share with you.

Do you already freezer cook? Which is your favorite method? Do you batch cook or do it a little at a time as you cook for your family?

Written by Happily Domestic Contributor- Amanda Sikes

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Kari Daniels said...

Thanks for the tips. I am new to freezer cooking and have been searching the web trying to figure out where to start. I look forward to seeing what recipes you share.

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