Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY Honey Cough Drops Tutorial

This year I am filling our medicine cabinet with things I am making myself. I'll be making chest rubs, cough syrups, elderberry immune booster, teething cream... Everything we normally buy. The first step for me was making cough drops. My husband gets a cold nearly every year and though he get's better within a day or two, his cough seems to linger for several weeks. We use a lot of cough drops. I searched around for some recipes and most of them called for sugar. I didn't want to use sugar because that only weakens your immune system. I decided on honey and apple cider vinegar as my main ingredients. That is what we drink when we have a really bad cough and I find it works better than any cough syrup. I also thought adding lemon essential oil and thieves essential oil would be beneficial. I was right! Here's how I did it:

Honey Cough Drops

1/2 c Honey 
(I normally use raw, but because I needed to boil it I used regular organic honey)
1-2 tbs Apple Cider Vinegar
10 drops Lemon Essential Oil (optional)
10 drops Thieves Essential Oil (optional)
(I recommend Young Living or DoTerra Essential Oils because they are extremely pure, therapeutic grade oils and are safe to be used internally)
Candy Thermometer

Poor honey and apple cider vinegar into a sauce pan. Bring to boil and allow it to reach 300 degrees. Once it reaches 300 degrees remove it from the heat. On medium heat this took me about 10 minutes. Have a greased cookie sheet ready. Allow the honey mixture to cool just a bit until the honey is a little less runny. As you can see I didn't wait and some of mine ran together. As it began to cool it became much easier! Mix in the essential oils and begin dropping small spoonfuls onto the cookie sheet. I made mine about 1/2-1 tsp per drop. Allow them to cool at room temperature until they harden. Wrap them individually or put them in a baggy. If you put them in a baggy you will want to store them in the fridge to prevent them from sticking together. 

We really like these! My son snagged a couple just to enjoy and since they are 100% real and natural ingredients it was ok! I had a sore throat after making these and found them to be very soothing. Next I plan to try making them with a horehound herbal infusion (horehound is a natural anti-spasmatic) and would like to try another one with slippery elm root. The options are endless!

Do you make your own cough drops? What are some of your favorite homemade medicine cabinet essentials?

Written By Happily Domestic Contributor: Brittney Thompson

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hannah said...

This is really interesting and I hope to try it soon. Thanks!

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