Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Turning Three, Celebrating at Chuck E Cheeses!

Earlier this month my son J Bug turned 3. We celebrated with a family party at Chuck E. Cheeses.    We did this for Little E when he turned three and the kids loved it so much we thought we would try it again.  We had a great time!

 E with Daddy

 J loved the duckie game

He didn't know what he was doing, but loved riding the horse!

I love this one with the boys!

 Watching the candles melt for his birthday show to start.

My big 3 year old!

 Cheering for Chuck E.

 Here he comes!

 J Bug was in awe!

 Getting crowned

 J was pretty embarrassed

Blowing out the candles

J and Chuck E.

Getting his Birthday Medallion 

 Time to Dance!

 The fam with Chuck E.

 Hunter kiddos
(That Chuck E. really likes the thumbs up)

 This was actually my husband's birthday as well AND our 14 year wedding anniversary!  
We are so romantic sharing it with the Chuckster. ;-)

 Ticket Blaster

As you can imagine, they loved this part!

 They got so many tickets!

Big brother even grabbed the big 1,000 point ticket! Woo-hoo!

The birthday boy picking his prize.

 He chose a stuffed dog

Present time! 
 Yes, he only had one to open.  We gave him the rest at home.

 They were so funny about getting this paper off.

 Love the face E is making

 I think E thinks it's his gift!!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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Erika Price said...

What a wonderful birthday party! Erika's Wordless Wednesday

Sarah J. said...

Looks like fun! :)

Terra H. said...

Looks like he had a wonderful birthday party! My kids had a couple b-day parties at Chuck E. Cheese when they were younger and had a great time.

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