Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last Minute (and frugal) Gifts

So, we have less than a week before Christmas and you still have people on your list that you don't have gifts for. What are you going to do!?! Here are some last minute (and very frugal) gift ideas.

For Her -

Homemade Hand Soap

1 cup soap shavings (from a bar of soap)
1 Tbsp glycerin
10 cups water

Melt all on low heat in large pan. Stir often to combine and then once melted remove from heat and let cool. Whisk until smooth and transfer to storage container.
You can use any bar soap in any scent. You can find the glycerin in the pharamcy department at almost any store. This makes a TON of soap and thus a ton of gifts.
I found these cute plastic jars at my local Dollar Tree.
Homemade Hand Scrub
Small Containers
Epsom Salt
Coconut Oil (vegetable oil will work and is much cheaper)
Fill your container about 3/4 of the way with the salt. Pour the oil over the salt to cover. Mix well and add enough oil to make a thick paste. You can add fragrence using perfume, body spray, or esstential oils. Tie container with ribbon and label and you are done!

For a Child -
This is a simple game that requires a little hand sewing but if you can thread a needle and know how to go up and down you can handle this.
Felt Fishing Game
Materials -

Felt Pieces
craft magnets (Any craft store will have these. Mine cost $1.99)
Needle and thread.
Find a fish template that you like and cut out as many fish as you would like. You will need pairs of fish for this game. Once they are cut out you will need to sew the pairs together around the edges. Just before you finish slip one of the magnets between the layers and sew around it to keep it near the fish's mouth. One fish done. Now repeat with the remaining fish.
Once the fish are done you will need to cut a "J" shape out of felt for the hook. Again you will need two of them. Use the same process to sew the "hook" sewing the magnet to the bottom of the hook. Attach the "hook" to the end of your stick using yarn or string and fabric glue. And your game is done!

For a friend or grandparent -
Wooden wall Hanging -

Materials  -
Small piece of wood (I got mine at my local craft store)
Bag of letters (pick a size with your wood and wording in mind)
Craft Paint
Paint the wood and the letters that you are going to use in colors that match the receivers decor. I just used craft glue to attatch the letters and then added a ribbon to the back for hanging and some scrapbooking flowers for added "cuteness". The whole project only took about 30 minutes total unless you count the dry time for the paint. But this could easily be done in an evening.
I hope these last minute gifts give you some ideas for the loved one left on your list. Handmade gifts make some of the most special gifts that we will ever give. Have a blessed Christmas season!

Written by Happily Domestic Contributor - Amanda Sikes

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