Monday, December 17, 2012

My Pinterest Christmas Creations!

Ah yes, Pinterest! We all love it and we all hate it. We love it because it inspires us and we hate it because we feel depressed when we don't do the things we pin.  When I came across the funny picture above I had to laugh because it is SO TRUE!  We do need loud applause when we actually accomplish some of the things we have pinned.  Well, I am here to say I set out to make a few things from my Christmas board and I DID THEM!!! Yay, for me!!!!

First I made a felt Christmas tree for the wall.  This was so easy and my boys absolutely love it.  Only takes 3/4 yard green felt.  I folded it in half length wise and cut the tree shape.  This made it perfect on both sides.  Then I made ornaments and presents using small square felt pieces (you can get them for about a quarter a piece).  I did not use a pattern for these either, I cut them out free hand. Everything sticks great on the tree.  The hardest part was getting the tree to stay on the wall. I bought some of those sticky squares and they wouldn't keep it up.  I ended up tacking it under the star and then using frog tape behind the tree.

My Felt Christmas Tree
Getting Creative

This whole project was only around $5.00 to make!

Another idea I found (that I love) was wrapping a Christmas book for each night in December up until Christmas day (so 24 books total).  Back in October I started collecting Christmas books at thrift shops and yard sales.  Again, I only spent about $5.00.  Each night my little boys take turns choosing a "present" and we snuggle up on the couch and I read them their new book.  The only flaw with this tradition is that most nights the one who is not opening the present is crying.  But, I guess that is how children learn to share and be patient. 

24 Presents (books) for 24 Nights!
Reading "Christmas Magic" on Day 3

Since this is my baby boy's first Christmas I wanted to make him some special mementos.  Pinterest has a lot of cute ideas for this.  Last Saturday I got together with 3 of my friends who also have new babies and together we made some pretty cute things.  
 Hand print ornament. 
We had actually filled these clear ball ornaments at our last MOPS meeting (it was our craft).  Inside contains fake snow and tiny wrapped presents.  We added our babies hand prints, the year, and their names.

 We wrote the name and year with a paint pen.  Worked great!

 Next, we painted up our babies feet and hands to create an ultra cute picture (see below).

 Believe it or not, we actually got all our babies prints on the first try!  

 Yes, it was a group effort.

Finished picture. 
I should have scanned it as this picture does not do it justice. 
You get the idea though.  I am going to frame this.

These are the cuties we had to work with. *:) happy

Lastly, we made photo ornaments.  I saw an idea on Pinterest about turning ordinary photos into color sheets.  I thought it would be fun to print a real small version and color it for my photo ornament.  It turned out pretty good. I like the unique look it gave.

The Original Photo
(By the way, don't you just LOVE his Grinch cloth diaper???)

 Turned into a color sheet
(I also printed out some of these for my boys and they thought it was the greatest thing to have a color sheet of their baby brother!)

My photo ornament.  Hard to see in this picture, sorry.

To make the photo ornaments we first painted plaster ornaments (you can also use wooden ones).  After the paint dried we brushed on a thin coat of Mod Podge and then added picture.  You will want to smooth picture out so not to get any bubbles. Then continue with 2 more layers of Mod Podge. On the back of the ornament I added my son's name and the year.

To see the other great holiday ideas I have discovered on Pinterest, please visit my Happily Domestic Pinterest page!  Click here to be directed.  
P.S.- I would love for you to follow my boards. 

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Grace said...

Wow, you're a very creative and dedicated mother. Such cute little kids too. :D

Stacy Whalen said...

I love the photo ornament! How did you get the color picture to be a "coloring page"? Do you have a special program for it?

HappilyDomestic said...

Stacy- You can find the information about the color sheet, here:
Also, if you have Picasa 3 photo editing program (which is free from Google) is has the option to turn any picture into a "pencil sketch" which does the same thing. :-)

HappilyDomestic said...

Oh, and thanks ladies for your compliments! :-)

Jodi Faye said...

I love these ideas, Pinterest is great ;)
I will have to remember to start collecting books for next year! And that color sheet ornament is adorable!
Thanks for sharing! Such a fun season, Merry Christmas!!

Terra H. said...

All of those projects are really neat and festive. I especially like the photo ornament. I've seen a lot of wonderful projects that bloggers have created from Pinterest but I've never actually checked Pinterest out myself because I'm afraid I'd spend too much time on it.

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