Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday-Baby's First Thanksgiving!

I had planned to post this last week, but with sick kids and my husband coming home Tuesday night saying he lost his job, I didn't get my Wordless Wednesday post in.  So, here is my one week late Thanksgiving post.

Baby N celebrated his first Thanksgiving this year!  He was at the top of the list of things I am thankful for this year for sure.  Having a baby around is always such a joy.  I relish in all the "firsts" and even though little N here is my 5th born, I have been equally excited about his first holidays as well.  I had an adorable roast turkey hat made for him and Baby N's outfit for the day was adorned with a turkey as well.

He is almost sitting now.  He is getting so big!

Back of hat
Isn't it great?  I just love it!

Gobble, Gobble!

 Hanging out in his highchair while the rest of us ate.

 Our Thanksgiving Bird
(I cooked it)

Tuckered out after a long day!  
The best part of Thanksgiving is the napping. Wouldn't you agree?

PS- Turkey Hat was purchased through Baby Beans Crafts which can be found both here and here.  Emma does a fabulous job, uses nice soft yarn, and her prices are great!  She can whip up just about any idea you throw at her too.  She made this turkey hat for me without even a pattern.  I have bought several hats from her now and am thrilled with them.  You should check her out.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
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Homeschoolin Momma said...

Aren't the holidays more fun with kids around!! Great pictures!

Cinella Reyes said...

Oh my word! Too cute!

Lori said...

Awwww. So sweet. You are a great mama!!! What a beautiful family you have and you are so blessed. I'm excited for us to have a play date when the g-sons come! We will have you all come for dinner!

mail4rosey said...

These are awesome (love the hat and the outfit) and the last picture had me laughing for sure. Very cool!

Michelle - Blessed Mom of 4 said...

What a cutie! He's getting so big already! :)
Praying your other kids are feeling better soon and things work out for your husbands job situation. Not fun around the holidays. :(

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