Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Musical Playdate

My blog contributor and dear friend, Brittney Thompson is in town visiting her family.  This has been a real treat for me as I rarely get to see her.  We decided to get our kiddos together for a musical playdate. After a yummy lunch of homemade chicken nuggets, tater tots, and fruit salad we pulled out the rhythm instruments and had some fun! 

My three boys on the big gathering drum

 Baby "N" loves to make music!

We played our instruments to a variety of songs from a Music Together CD.  I LOVE Music Together's music. 

Despite their bored looking faces in this picture, my boys were really having fun. :-)

 This is Brittney's new baby boy...isn't he darling?

Mr. S Thompson looooved the big drum and jammed out.  He was hilarious! Baby "N" found everything to be very tasty.

 Jammin at the drum.

The gathering drum is everyone's favorite.

So much fun!

 The babies loved to hold and play with the instruments.

We danced with scarves to the song "Merry Go Round".

Left to Right: Brittney, Baby "S", Baby "N" and I

It was a great day!  I sure wish Brittney lived closer so we could do this more often.  I love hosting play dates and our kids sure enjoyed the music.

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