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Modestly Adorned-Modest Swimwear for Women and Girls, plus where to shop!

Since we are on the topic of modesty and seeing how swim suit season is just around the corner, I thought I would re-post one of our most popular modesty posts. Originally published on May 16, 2011 during our "Summer Survival Guide" event, this post was written by Caroline Allen from the Modest Mom blog. To see more posts we at Happily Domestic have written on modest swimwear, click here and here.

Summer brings to mind popsicles, sweaty children playing late into the evening, cookouts with friends, and of course....swimming! Most people enjoy swimming a lot, but it can prove to be a bit of a challenge when you go swimsuit shopping.
It seems common for ladies to rationalize that, somehow, when they go swimming they can "bare all" and basically go swimming in their underwear. When you think about, that's all a bikini is - it's a bra and underwear! We would be mortified to walk around our male friends with nothing on but our underclothes. Yet, somehow when it comes to swimming many ladies think nothing of it.
I would like to suggest that you don't have to compromise your standards of modesty when you want to take a plunge in the pool. There are actually many different options when it comes to modest swimwear. There are companies that specialize in making modest swimwear - yes, I used those two words in the same sentence. While not cheap, these swimsuits are designed to hold up for quite a few years. They generally look like a fitted dress that comes to right above your knee, and the top comes up quite high. You also have the option of having sleeves or not.
Another option that some friends of mine have chosen is to buy board shorts.
If you can find some that come down to your knees, it is a much better option that most swimsuits that are out there! Paired with a swimming shirt, that would work well especially for girls.
It is also possible to buy a swimsuit that looks modest on top but you may want to be more covered on the bottom. You could wear board shorts over the bottom of the suit, or maybe find a swim skirt.
Here is a list that was compiled last year for modest swimwear. There are varying degrees of what is modest, as everyone has their own opinions of what they are comfortable wearing.

Modest Women's SwimWear & SwimSuits

Aqua Modesta® Has swimsuits and cover ups
Simply Modest –also has multi-sized swim suit patterns
Stitchin’ Times swimsuits for women and girls, custom swimsuits
Modestly Yours Swimwear- sells custom made and ready made swimwear
Fashionably Modest Patterns – has modest swim suit patterns
Creations by Savannah
Fresh Modesty- Modest Swimwear E-Book

Modest Swimwear for Girls

Swimwear Solutions – also has multi-sized swimsuit pattern
Fashionably Modest Patterns - has modest swim suit patterns

I wrote a review here for a swimsuit from Modestly Yours Swimwear last year. I am looking forward to wearing it this year again, and I like that I have no qualms in wearing it in front of anyone!

Caroline Allen is the wife of Sean, and mother to four children seven and under. She keeps busy homeschooling, managing her home, and running her business from home - The Modest Mom, an online store that sells custom made maternity and women’s skirts.

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