Sunday, March 10, 2013

Modestly Adorned - Overcoming Wardrobe Obstacles

One area that I have had a hard time with is passing up cute clothing in the store because it does not meet my modesty standards. It can be tempting to compromise our modesty "just a little" so that we can wear something cute that grabs our eye. This is especially frustrating now when skirts are getting higher, pants tighter and shirts lower. Whats a girl to do? After all, we want to look and feel pretty too! Are we left to buy clothing that doesnt fit well or look nice? No! With a little creativity we can still wear clothing we feel good in and be set apart in our dress. Layering is the key to having a diverse modest wardrobe. There was a time where layering simply meant a tank underneath all my shirts. Over time I have learned that layering comes in many forms. Here are some things that can  help make normally immodest clothing work for you. Please forgive the lighting, it was snowing outside and this was the best we could do! Thank you to my younger sister in law Amariah for being my model!

When you find a skirt or dress that is just a few inches too short, one way to fix this is by add a "peekaboo" slip or skirt. You can find these online or even make them yourself by adding some lace or fabric to the bottom of your slip. These come in many different forms and can have just a little tulle or lace on the bottom. In this picture it is actually another skirt being worn underneath. Another way to length a dress or skirt is by adding leggings. These also come in many different styles from calf length to ankle length. Some have a touch of lace on the bottom, solid colors and cute patterns and fabrics.

When you are wearing a shirt that doesn't offer sleeves or enough sleeve it is really easy to put on an interesting sweater, jacket or balero. These are also known as a "finishing piece" and really helps you look put together. In one of the pictures below the jeans jacket is actually a bit small and so is worn open. This was a great way to make too normally unwearable items (sleeveless shirt/too small jacket) a cute and modest outfit.

When your shirts are a little too low or even plunging you can add an undershirt to the mix. You pick a camisole that is high enough for your preferences and slip it right under your shirt. You can use a simple undershirt or you can also use a shirt piece that clips onto your bra. Maybe you are a bit bustier and have a hard time finding shirts that fit you well. If you are buying shirts large enough to fit your bust line but they are too large for the rest of you, a great way to fix that is by adding a belt. In the picture below we are using both a belt to make this cute maternity shirt fit and also a shirt pieace to fix the low v neck.

Lastly, something I see often is shirts that are too short. Sometimes the cutest shirts are modest in every way except that they just don't fully cover your midrift. A great way to fix that is by adding a layer undereath that does cover it. I do this with my jeans and with my skirts to make sure when I reach up or bend that I don't end up exposing myself. I think it not only covers me but also adds a little interest to my outfit.

Modesty comes in many forms and women come in many shapes. I hope that with these tips you can have more fun and freedom in your wardrobe!

What do you do to make clothing more modest?

Written By Happily Domestic Contributor: Brittney Thompson

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Sarah♥ said...

Great tips ~ Thanks for sharing!

Mama S said...

Love all your cute outfits, you are so beautiful :-)


Beth said...

Those are neat tips. I learned how to work fashionable stuff modestly when I lived in the Middle East...those girls can rock a mini-skirt over leggings any day of the week. And they're all about tiny tank tops thrown over a long-sleeved tee. It's definitely a distinct style, but I think it looks good!

M.J. Powell said...

Love your outfits. Wish more people would take note. We would like to invite you to share them at our party that goes live tonight:
Hope to see you there!
The Busy Bee's
Myrna and Joye.

Bonny @ said...

These are great ideas. I prefer the look of layering over seeing bare skin, and thankfully, it seems to be popular right now. If only we could find more modest swim suits though...

Bethany said...

Great tips! I love the idea of a peek-a-boo slip. I usually take the time to sew on some trim to lengthen it, but that seems like a much better idea! Cute outfits, too!

Brittney Thompson said...

Thank you everyone for commenting!

Bonny- We have a list of modest swimsuit resources posted for the event. We discovered there are actually several options in varying degrees of modesty!

Bethany- Yes I like the peekaboo slip/skirt becuase you can varry the look a bit more too! Thank you for posting!

Lindsey said...

I love your idea about a peek-a-boo under skirt. Thank you for linking up at Tending The Home Tuesdays. I will be featuring your post in my Weekly wrap up tomorrow of my favorite posts from this week's link up!

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