Monday, March 4, 2013

Modesty of the Home

When one talks of modesty we often think only of dress, but today I want to share with you some thoughts on modesty of your home. When one chooses to dress modestly it is normally to be able to show others a different way of life than society offers as "normal". And the same can be true of a home. When you focus on decorating and arranging your home in way that focuses on your commitment to family and faith then your priorities change.

Walls of photos show how much our family means to us.

You are no longer worried about your home looking like a magazine cover but are now focused on your home being a haven for family and friends to come into to rest up and recover from the storms and stresses of life in this world. It becomes all about people and relationships and not about looks.

Modesty in each home will look different just like each family is different. For me, at the stage in our life right now of lots of little ones and long hours of homeschooling, our focus is on functionality and team work. So things are hung low, posters decorate my walls, Bible verses are printed and displayed, character charts are used and all of this is in an effort to train my children and grow their roots deep so that they are ready for this world.

One of the ways that I strive to maintain a modesty minded home is with lots of seating. Plenty of room to sit comfortably invites people to relax and stay awhile. It helps people to engage with each other and to build relationships. And this is of top priority to my husband and I both for our family and for our friends.

Scripture on the walls keeps our hearts focused in the right place.

All over my home you will find pictures of what is important within this home, mostly family members and friends. Some of them have passed on and others are still very young. It represents time, aging, life, and family commitment. It shows my children that they are important and that I am proud of them. We have school work hanging on the fridge and in the dining room/school area. Our chore charts/character charts are right in the heart of our home. This training process is important to us as a family, we don't hide it away for only us to see. We pray that through openly showing others our dedication to this training it will encourage them to be actively engaged in the training of their own children.

Our school wall. Vocab words, number charts, and our chore system
are on this wall. Schooling is part of our home and life. So, we
embrace it and don't hide it.

When people enter my home I want them to be able to tell what is important in our lives. And when asked to list what is important in my life I would list things like family, children, marriage, and my relationship with Christ. I would not list material possessions or a plush couch or spotless walls. So when I am decorating and arranging my home, I focus on my priorities in life and not on the things of society. In my modesty minded home you will find finger prints on the walls, maybe something sticky on that chair, and furniture that sees daily use. But I also pray that you would find rest, peace, and love within these wall covered with family pictures, God's Word, and daily reminders that we are training the next generation of world changers.

Written by Happily Domestic contributor - Amanda Sikes

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One Southern Girl said...

Thank you for sharing Amanda! I'm glad you brought up having verses from the Bible on the walls. I hope to do that someday in my own home. Any suggestions on where I could start looking to pick up some to have?


Erika @ Slowly Natural said...

Your walls look like my walls!!! Great post!

Brittney Thompson said...

One Southern Girl,

Beth actually did a review/giveaway a while back for a company called Wall Praise. They have some great scripture decals! Here is the link:

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