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Pretty And Practical - Fresh Modesty

Today's Modestly Adorned Guest post is written by Olivia from Fresh Modesty.Her heart for modesty and for serving the Lord is obvious in her writing! Making modesty beautiful and practical is such an important topic, I know you'll love what she has to say. Be sure to check out her blog out for lots of encouragement and modest inspiration. Keep an eye out for my upcoming review and a giveaway of her ebook later this week!

 Hello! I'm Olivia from Fresh Modesty and Working with Eager Hands. I am a 20 year old stay-at-home daughter with a passion for encouraging Christian ladies towards honoring their Savior by dressing modestly and beautifully. Over at Fresh Modesty, I share my experiences in finding a balance of practicality and style while living a busy life of homemaking, caring for my siblings, and dwelling in the country where anything could happen. I've had my years of being a frumpy dresser, my girly years of being an over-dresser, and now three years of learning how to wear a skirt nearly every day for all sorts of different work. I've not only learned a bit about clothing durability and how to get tractor grease out of lace, but also about the order and beauty of our God, and our responsibility to represent Him well to the watching world every day.

Oftentimes once we have our convictions about modest dressing, it is easy to fall into a rut and resign ourselves to looking drab all the time and think, "Well, at least I'm modest." May this not be! We worship a God of beauty (Isaiah 28:5) and we should try to reflect that. A little bit of effort into our appearances is not vanity, but is taking dominion of His creation as He charged us with in Genesis 1:28. We need to let the change Christ has enacted in us shine through our clothing choices! We represent Him to the watching world and we need to take that responsibility seriously. Let's dress with beauty, modesty, and feminine grace; I believe God smiles at His children for exhibiting these.

Feminine grace sounds wonderful and frilly, but so many of us have hard work to accomplish. We need to consider practicality, too. I would like to share with you my top five favorite skirts for every-day wear. These types of skirts have been tried and proven true for durability, function, and style in my life. In case you're curious as to where I stand on the pants/skirts debate, I'm an 80% all-skirts girl, wearing jeans on chilly evenings in front of the fire or to hike through thorn bushes looking for cows occasionally. I have featured two different skirts of each of the same basic type, so you can see the general idea I mean and not just a specific skirt. :) All photos are taken from Fresh Modesty.

For the denim skirts below (#'s 1 and 5), I sell an eBook on how to sew them. [Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but let me tell you why I wrote it:] I needed something comfortable, cute, and durable, and I couldn't find it pre-made or even find a pattern, so I created my own. I was also able to sew them a lot cheaper than retail and customize to exactly what I wanted. So, here are my favs: 

1) A shorter, gored denim skirt. This kind of skirt is perfect for summer or muddy winter because it can get filthy and not show, which is definitively something to consider. Darker denim has a classier look to it and I think matches more. Back pockets are so useful, although it's usually more slimming without them. Just-below knee length is the most flattering and versatile because flip flops, tennis shoes (with no show socks ;), and boots all look great with that. I wear this skirt at least three times a week in the summer and once a week in the colder months.

2) A knit maxi skirt. I'm so glad these have been in style lately! They are perfect for the active modest girl. Choose a solid color for the most versatility or a pattern for the most fun. :) Roll-over waistbands (sometimes called yoga tops) are great because you can adjust exactly on your waist where it sits so that the hem reaches the floor, which is the most flattering length for a knit skirt. These are great lay-around-the-house skirts because it's like wearing a blanket, but they're also so cute that you'll want to wear them around town. 

3) A black skirt. Long or short, sequined or eyelet, knit or cotton; a great black skirt with a fitted waistband is sooo flexible because it can be dressed up or down. I've worn these for everything from concerts to cow-milking, and they look fabulous anywhere in between. If you're looking for a skirt that can be worn to church and then changed up for a picnic, get yourself a flowy black one. 

4) A long linen skirt. A nice print you can pull solid colors out of for tops is great, but so is a plain one if you wish for that. I love my printed one because it hides stains and wrinkles better than a solid. Linen has a fantastic drape that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I love the long length to cover bug-bitten or chilly legs depending on the season. ;) Again, this type of skirt can be dressed up or down.

5) Last but not least, a long denim skirt. I was determined not to become a denim-wearing homeschooler for years, but after living in the country just a few months, I realized I was going to need a heavy-duty skirt to do activities in. And boy, am I converted! A well-fitting long denim skirt can be as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans and just as cute! They can even have handy pockets and a fly if you buy/make the right one. The two skirts here were made with the same pattern, but in different washes of denim for two different looks. 

How do you keep modesty pretty and practical? We love to hear from you!

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Emily said...

Thanks to both of you ladies for putting this post together. I've been wanting to start wearing skirts often, and this gives me a place to start! I especially like looks 2 and 4, because Olivia shows just how chic and pulled together a modest top and a long, modest skirt can be when paired together. I'm a new follower of this blog :)

HappilyDomestic said...

Love the outfits, Olivia! Thanks for showing our readers how modesty doesn't mean "frumpy". What a blessing to read your post today. ~Beth

Emily said...

I linked to your blog from my post today; that ok with you?

HappilyDomestic said...

That is fine, Emily. :-) Thank you for helping us spread the word about this event.

Lori said...

Well done, Olivia! My daughters love to get ideas from your blog. I love the encouragement. It has been a difficult journey at times for all of us when we made the decision to dress in skirts and modest tops. I was surprised at how many people, even friends, had a problem with our modest choices! Thank you for the influence you have not in just what you were but the love you reflect in your posts. You have a modest heart.

Sarah♥ said...

wonderful job, Olivia! :)

I blogged it! You can check it out here:

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