Thursday, May 30, 2013

Make Summertime Fun and Educational with Mother Goose Time!

As many of you know, I am mom to 5 children ages 12 all the way down to age 1.  We are a homschooling family and so keeping my children in the mode of learning over the summer months is important to me.  Not only for the added benefit of keeping their minds sharp, but also to keep my children entertained.  I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have heard, "I'm bored" over summer break.  Sometimes it is harder to get out of the routine of doing school then it is to just keep going.  Now that my little boys are preschool age, I especially want to keep their little hands and minds busy over the summer months.  I was so excited when an online search for preschool curriculum led me to Mother Goose Time.

Mother Goose Time is every busy mother's answer to prayer!  Let me explain....most moms don't want to take the time to teach their children at home simply because the thought of lesson planning is daunting.  I am no different. I homeschool but I do not come up with lesson plans on my own. I would say 90% of my children's school work is self explanatory or laid out in a fashion that it can be taught easily by me as their teacher. That is what I ADORE about Mother Goose Time's preschool curriculum. Mother Goose Time makes it so simple for parents to integrate learning into your child's day with their themed curriculum kits. Each month you get a box full of everything you need for that month's theme.  But they don't just break it down by month...each box contains daily bags with each school day's lesson, craft, etc.  All you have to do is open up the bags and everything is already laid out for you. To see a sample of a daily lesson plan, click here.

Mother Goose Time is not just for homeschool families.  Since their curriculum is available for all 12 months of the year, it is also a great choice for day-cares and preschools! So whether you are looking for a full year preschool curriculum or just something to get you through the summer months MGT is a great option!  

This summer Mother Goose Time has come up with some really great themes to keep your child busy creating, exploring and learning! 

A to Zoo Animals-  This exciting month is a wonderful trip through the zoo visiting animals from A-Z. It is the perfect curriculum for ending a year, seeing how much the children recall, and transitioning into a summer schedule or even for starting out to see how much the children already know. 
The classroom tools this month include color, shape and number review tools. Every day, each child will receive a full-color photo tag to add to a collector ring, creating a 26 card A-Z animal set. We also included one extra card per day so the teacher has a set, too! June still includes more than 12 great art projects, a storybook and many of the same classroom tools (Postcard, Look and Find Set, Sign Language, Science, Recipe Cards, Logic Game, Folder Game, Country Flag, etc.) that are loved all year long. This month also includes a per child tool to send home height & weight as a reminder keepsake for families of how much children have grown.
Weekly Experiences: Week One: Animals A-E

Week Two: Taking care of animals F-K
Week Three: Building homes for animals L-R
Week Four: Talking to the animals S-Z

The Art Studio-  Children pretend to be in an art studio/museum all month long. They journey through European countries and artist as they experience real art works through history. Some of the featured artists are; Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Vermeer and Renoir.

Learning about money (save, earn, spend, give) and character building (discipline, integrity, contentment, generosity, and resourcefulness) are daily discussions.
Colors and shapes are featured and explored.


Each day we explore an art technique (self portrait, print making, pointillism, etc.) and each week a different country is highlighted.

Wk 1 – Italy
Week 2 – France
Week 3 – Holland
Week 4 – England

Inventor's Lab-  Children learn about inventors and inventions then problem solve and build to plan their own inventions. 

Reviews all letters and the numbers 1-20 with fun “make, take and learn” robots the children make! 
Shapes and colors are reviewed again, great kit for ending or beginning a school year! 

Week 1 – Inventors and their tools
Week 2 – Household Inventions
Week 3 – Wheels, Gears and Motors (including robots!)
Week 4 – Communication inventions

I am loving the new summertime themes and am so excited to get started on the A to Zoo Animals curriculum with my boys. Stay tuned because I will be taking you along for the journey over the next few weeks!

For more information visit Mother Goose Time online at their website, Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest. To order visit Purchase all 3 summer month's curriculum and receive 10% off your total!
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Darcy said...

My sister in law uses MGT with her little ones and is very pleased with it. My son isn't old enough yet but I intend to use it with him once he is a bit older.

Anonymous said...

This looks like such fun for little ones. I love the art theme, what a great idea for summer learning! Thanks for sharing.

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