Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A to Z- Week 3

It's hard to believe we have already ended our 3rd week of Mother Goose Time's A to Zoo June preschool curriculum.  This month has flown!  My boys are going to be sad when they realize this is the last week of their animal adventure, they have been having so much fun with it.  

L for Llama

Last week we learned all about Llamas, Moose, Newts, Otters, Polar Bears, Quails, and Rattlesnakes.  To kick off our week we went on a field trip to a llama farm. That is, we THOUGHT we were going to a llama farm which actually ended up being an Alpaca Farm.  Okay, so I am not an expert on llamas!  I thought Alpaca was just a fancy breed of llama, I had no idea it's a completely different animal.  Well, that's one of the great things about homeschooling...you learn right along with the children. *;) winking

Although not a llama, we still learned a great deal about alpacas who happen to be cousins to the llama. We learned that they are also close relatives to the camel. They love to be in groups and are quite sad if left alone. When a pregnant mama alpaca is ready to give birth if it is raining she will hold her unborn baby in until the rain stops! Really it is true, their babies are born in the sac and can't survive if it is not dry enough for the sac to dry out. We also learned that alpacas have no top teeth. This makes their mouths move from side to side when they chew. It's very funny to watch actually. Lastly, we learned that alpacas fur is used to make all sorts of things from rugs to slippers!  Their fur even repels water!  These alpacas had been sheared for the summer and that is why they look so thin.  

Chewing in a side to side motion.

My kids really enjoyed visiting the Alpacas.  

When we got home we started our "Llama" lesson.  We started out with our usual circle time routine.  Here is a video of my boys singing along with the Circle Time song.  As you can see they really enjoy it.

Next, we got started on the craft.  I loved the craft for the llama day, it is so cute!  The boys enjoyed decorating their llamas with yarn. Can you see the "L" shape in the llama?  Very cleaver!

Next, we played a game called "Through the Zoo".  This was great because it taught so many things....taking turns, waiting patiently for your turn, counting the dots on the dice, counting the spaces you move and so forth.  We had fun with it and my boys kept wanting to play again and again.  Each month with Mother Goose Time you receive a game in your monthly curriculum box. So fun!

M for Moose

Day 12 of our zoo adventure was all about moose.  We sang a fun song about moose to the tune of "Old McDonald", talked about the moose and all it's features and discussed other words that start with "M".  There are many "M" words and my boys got really creative with this one...milkshake, muscles, mama, monster, mug, morning, etc.

Our craft for the day was making moose heads.  This craft involved a lot of help from me, but the boys had a good time decorating their moose.  They both said they wanted their moose to have "goofy eyes".  Check out their goofy moose heads above.  Looks like their being worn by a couple goofy boys as well! 

For math we played a game called "Moose Math". I put number cards in a pillow case and we took turns pulling out a number card.  They would the count the dots to figure out the number and make antlers on their heads with the same number. At the end I had them put the numbers in order.

N for Newt and O for Otter

Day 13 was another dual letter/animal day with Newt and Otter as the theme.  As usual we put their animal cards onto their collector's rings and discussed the features of the animals and the letters they begin with.  We went over what words start with N and what starts with an O.

Adding the animal cards to the collector's ring is a great fine motor activity. When we first started out this month by boys always needed help.  Now they get those cards on the ring in no time flat!

Our main activity on day 13 was making little bilingual zoo books. We read the books both in English and in Spanish and went over the Spanish name for each animal.  Thankfully Mother Goose Time's lesson plan book included the pronunciations for each word, otherwise I would have majorly botched up the Spanish language!  I may be 1/4 Spanish, but was never taught the language. Too bad!

One of our other activities for the day was called "Eggs in the River".  We talked about how Newt's hatch from eggs the size of an apple seed.  We spread a sheet to be our "river" and added colorful pom poms for the "eggs".  I then had the boys group the "eggs" by color.  Once we had all the colors separated we then counted each pile to determine which pile contained the most eggs.  This activity was great for not only color recognition, but sorting and counting as well.  We counted to 28!

P for Polar Bear and Q for Quail

I swear I took a picture of the P&Q day bag, but I am not finding it in my pictures.  I'm sorry, not sure what happened there.  Included in this day bag was an assortment of animals to cut out, salt dough mix, mini brown paper sacks, polar bear and quail animal cards, and the daily poster.

For this lesson we sang a song about polar bears and quails to the tune of "The Muffin Man" and discussed what words start with P & Q.  We read the P and Q pages in our "Y is for Yak Animal Alphabet" book.  We then played a little game called, "Big Polar Bear, Little Quail".  I cut the various animals out from the Size it Up Animals pages and we talked about the size differences of each animal.  I then had the boys line the animals up from biggest to smallest.

Next, I explained how polar bears love to play and pounce.  We made a "snow pile" out of pillows and the boys pounced and rolled on them pretending to be playful polar bears.  Watch the video below to see them in action.

Making salt dough quail eggs

For our quail part of the lesson we made salt dough eggs and baked them in the oven.  While they were baking we discussed how quails are birds that stay low to the ground.  They build their nests in grass or under a bush and use things such as sticks, rocks, and grass to make their nests.

When the eggs were ready the boys painted their eggs in pretty rainbow colors.

Next, they cut little paper bags and rolled them to look like a birds nest.  I had the boys go outside and search for things a quail might use to build their nest.  They gathered leaves, grass, and a few little sticks and added them to their paper nests.

The completed quail nest with eggs

R for Rattlesnake

Last week ended up being very busy as we had family pictures at the end of the week.  Because of this we did our Rattlesnake lesson on the same day as P&Q.  It ended up working out fine, I just worked their 2nd lesson in after dinner so it didn't make for such a long day.

After adding our animal pages to our collector's rings and discussing the letter "R" and the features of the rattlesnake.  We discussed how a snake is a reptile just like the newt and alligator we previously learned about.  After that we did a math activity.  Rattlesnake Numbers had the boys cutting out numbers 1-20 along with a plus, minus, and equal sign.  Once everything was cut the boys chose a few numbers and we either added or subtracted them.  After the cutting part my 3 year old lost interest, but Little E stuck to it for awhile.  He had fun seeing what he could some up with and used the yarn piece to create numbers shapes.

This day included a science experiment card.  For this experiment we talked about how snakes shed their skin to make room for new skin.  We applied school glue to our hands and let the glue dry.  After it was dry, we pulled the "skin" off and examined it under a magnifying glass.  So fun! I remember doing this all the time as a kid.  The boys were a little freaked out at first and thought I was actually pulling off their real skin!  J bug was in tears in fact and wouldn't let me pull his "glue skin" off at all.

This week we learn about sheep, tigers, urchins, Veterinarians, wolf, x-ray fish, yak, and zebra!  It's our last week and I plan to make it fun with yet another field trip.  Stay tuned to see where we go next!

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 Disclaimer - Mother Goose Time sent me their curriculum in exchange for review. All opinions are mine, I was not committed to write favorably. I received no other compensation. I am disclosing this information in compliance with the FTC Regulations.
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Alisa Q said...

Your boys are adorable! It looks like they are having great fun! I know Zeph would have loved that curriculum when he was a little one.

Sarah J. said...

I love how Little J jumps into the first video, like he just realized you were recording and he didn't want to be left out! :) The crazy moose pic is really cute too!

HappilyDomestic said...

Sarah- That is exactly what happened. He was pouting and saying he didn't want to do it and so I said, "Oh, okay I will just film your brother." Once I started he jumps in. Haha! 3 year olds!!!!

Jodi Faye said...

How fun! I love how you got to fit in a field trip too! The snake skin idea is great, my boys would love it :)

Chari said...

Very cute! I have been really enjoying reading your week to week review. It's given me an idea about what is all in the curriculum packs!

Amanda Sikes said...

This program looks amazing!!

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